Upcoming Shopping Malls In Faisalabad

Shopping Malls In Faisalabad

Upcoming Shopping Malls In Faisalabad

Shopping Malls are the trading centres in Faisalabad, and we already know about some other shopping malls in Faisalabad. With the time the requirement of society changes and everyone wants something different. Administration tries to overcome this requirement to obtain their customers, but still, a gap exists in the market; that’s why we are here to discuss upcoming Shopping Malls in Faisalabad.

Green Shopping Mall and Paradise Mall Faisalabad are two big compotators in Future inside Faisalabad city because they targeted unique qualities which are missed by other shopping malls in Faisalabad. The structure is very impotent to attract people, and these both shopping malls try to establish a unique structure. These shopping malls are not complete yet, but in upcoming months they grand opening their malls.

Upcoming Shopping Malls In Faisalabad Are Given Below

Paradise Atrium Mall Faisalabad

Paradise Atrium is another shopping mall which is in construction stages. Still, their goal and achievement is started because mostly national and international brands signed their contract with the Paradise Atrium. The Architecture of this shopping mall we have never seen before in Faisalabad. Lahore and Islamabad contain such structure, but in Faisalabad it is unique and first time introduce.

This is a new commercial project which is located at Habib Jalib Road that connects jarawala road to D ground Faisalabad. According to the Performance of this shopping mall before opening, we can say Paradise Atrium Mall provide healthy competition to his competitors in Faisalabad. This Shopping mall consist on four floors that are all reserved for different brands. A three-level perfect designed architecture with beautiful showrooms around a central green courtyard gives a unique ambience never before experienced in Faisalabad.

Parking is not a big issue here because when someone looks at the location, the first thing comes into mind is the parking because the Habib jalib road is not big or not have much space for parking. For solving this problem, Paradise Atrium fixed the first floor for parking and other three floors for famous brands. For booking Point of view, we can contact with administration and book our required shop.

Facilities Available in Paradise Atrium Mall Faisalabad

  • Capacity Of Parking 120 Cars
  • Lift is established that can be used from the ground floor to the second floor
  • Waterfall start from 2nd floor with backlights. Height 30ft
  • Chiller system facility for the whole mall (Ice cold control system)
  • The escalator started from the ground floor to 2nd floor
  • Separate Entrance and Exit
  • Free Basement & valet parking
  • Indoor plants for a better environment
  • Separate Male/Female Toilets in each floor
  • Central air conditioner
  • CCTV cameras & Control room
  • Fire Alarm & Smoked detector
  • 24-hour Backup generator
  • Proper electrification of each shop
paradise mall faisalabad - Upcoming Shopping Malls In Faisalabad

Green Shopping Mall Faisalabad

Green Shopping Mall Faisalabad is located on Canal Road. The structure of these shopping malls is unique. It looks wonderful when we see from canal road because building the outer side is constructed with glass and wooden type material. Different kinds of flowers show a perfect look from outside and attract people to visit this place. This mall is not completed yet, but the administration opens it for the limited area, so people know about it.

Due to the construction of flyover and underpass new green mall, mostly people of Faisalabad don’t know about this mall, and we observe the green mall administration not focuses on branding or advertisement. This is the main reason the popularity of Green Mall is low, But we know its make his places in society in the Future due to his structure and then service.

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