Trending personalities in Pakistan in 2020

Trending personalities in Pakistan in 2020

Trending personalities in Pakistan in 2020

In this age of fast internet and modern tech mobile phones, word travel faster than wind, like literally difference bloggers explore the country. What one says in some part of the country, will travel to everyone in the other part. We are here to discuss Trending personalities in Pakistan in 2020 .To know about the current affair you only need to sit comfortably and turn on your mobile phone. From entertainment to informative news, everything is available at your fingertips. Due to which things become trendy on the internet because many people notice them easily and respond to them.

Trending personalities in Pakistan also has the same situation. These people trended in Pakistan on the internet to the point that almost everyone knows who they are and what made them talk of the town.  So, now we are gonna give you a sneak peek of who they are and what made them famous or who was talked about the most in 2020. 

Marvi Sermad


Marvi Sermad comes in first position in Trending personalities in Pakistan in 2020. She is a well-known journalist, political commentator, social democrat, and human rights activist. She trended in the early year of 2020 along with Kahlil ur Rehman after appearing on a talk show. A talk show hosted by Aisha Ehtisham aired on New News channel where she had talked about Aurat March with her guests Marvi Sermad, Khalil ur Rehman and Maulana Faiz. during the heated discussion where Kahalil ur Rehamn labeled the Aurat movement as dirty,  Marvi Sermad interpreted his accusations.

This angered Rehamn and he started to body shame and verbally abuse her. The incident caught everyone’s attention and people started to call out Rehman for his vulgar behavior. It became quite a huge incident in January and everyone from celebrities to influencers to civilians talked about it and shared their opinions on social media

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Uzma Khan


In May 2020, many videos of Uzma khan, model, and actress, became viral on the internet. Her videos showed, she and her sister been assaulted by multiple women and men. It turns out Uzma Kahan was being accused of an extramarital affair with a man named Usman Malik. His wife found out and followed him to another house. Where she caught Uzma Kahn red-handedly and threatened her for destroying her marriage of 13 years. The issue became quite a hot topic on social media and everyone pored their view and support on the incident. 

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Joe Biden


American presidents are always been a hot topic whether it for a good cause or bad. And Jow Biden is no different than others. Joe Biden didn’t just trend in Pakistan but also worldwide. He is the elected president of America after defeating incumbent Donald Trump by a majority in 2020. Biden started his career as a lawyer, became the youngest senate in the history of America in 1973-2009, 47th Vice President in Obama’s era from 2009-2017 and finally he won the election for the president of America and will assume office in January. Over the course of his career, he has done quite a notable work and will continue to do so now as a president. 

Joe Biden - Trending personalities in Pakistan in 2020

Alizeh Shah


Alizeh Shah is also a part of Trending personalities in Pakistan in 2020. She is another celebrity who becomes the target of leaked photos online. Around February, personal photos of Alizeh Shah circulated on the internet via an account on social media. It was speculated that the ex-boyfriend of the actress has allegedly leaked the photos. The pictures became viral on the internet but the authenticity of the pictures was uncertain because Alizeh Shah didn’t release any statement. To sum it up, it was a bad incident that surfaced on the internet and targeted the actress for unknown reasons. 

Alizeh Shah - Trending personalities in Pakistan in 2020

Hareem Shah


How can we forget Hareem shah in the list of Trending personalities in Pakistan in 2020. She is a video of Tiktok star Hareem Shah was going viral on the internet where she accused PTI member Sheikh Rasheed of inappropriate behavior.  She claimed that he was like a family to her and after the video leak she has been getting death threats because of the video. The issue didn’t resolve clearly on who is the blaming party here but with time the topic quite down.  

Hareem Shah - Trending personalities in Pakistan in 2020

Minahil Malik 

It is quite sad to say that most people who trended were because of the leaked picture or video of them as people love to gossip. Another TikTok star whose pics leaked and got viral online is Minahil Malik. It was revealed that her boyfriend leaked her intimate photos as he was blackmailing her. Another video was surfacing during that time where she was asking him to delete her photos and saying she will take sleeping pills to kill herself. The issue of Minahil Malik shows the toxicity of a relationship where one breaks their trust and harms their partner in order to satisfy themselves. 

Minahil Malik - Trending personalities in Pakistan in 2020

Falak Shabbir


Falak Shabbir needs no introduction for music fans. He is a renowned singer who has sung many heartfelt songs in Pakistan and for Indian movies but has released mostly solos. He trended this year because of his news of marriage with Sarah Khan who is also on our list. The news came as a surprise to both their fans because their relationship was not speculated before. Instead of dwelling on relationships, they decided to marry after first time meeting at Hum Bridal Couture Week 2019 where both were models. Their marriage also trended and updates came regularly on social media where everyone loved every aspect of it. 

Falak Shabir - Trending personalities in Pakistan in 2020

Asim Azhar


Asim Azhar was a prominent personality on the internet in 2020 due to multiple reasons. In this year he released songs that caught much attention in a good way and were also criticized due to several reasons. Nonetheless, his music made him the talk of the internet. However, it was not all. Fans speculated after some reason that Asim Azhar and Hania Amir are in a relationship but the later actress denied the claims. It also made Asim Azhar one of the quite talked about celebrity in 2020. 

Asim Azhar - Trending personalities in Pakistan in 2020

Esra Bilgic


Historical Turkish television series Diriliş: Ertuğrul was a huge success in Pakistan after Prime Minister Imran Khan himself recommended the series to Pakistanis. The Series was loved by everyone especially lead actors, Esra Bilgic and Engin Altan Düzyatan. The female lead captured the heart of Pakistan Youth and she gained much popularity here to the point many brands wanted her to be the face of their brands. She was one of the trending personalities in Pakistan in 2020. 

Esra Bilgic - Trending personalities in Pakistan in 2020

Sarah Khan

in the list of Trending personalities in Pakistan in 2020 Sarah Kahan is a Pakistan actress who debuted in 2012 and has worked in many notable dramas. The reason for her to trend in 2020 is due to her marriage to Falak Shabir, about whom you have read above. She met her spouse at Hum Bridal Coutoure in 2019 and over a short time of a year they got married with the approval of their families. Her wedding pics and after marriage update kept the fans wishing them happing life together for a long time. 

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