Top 8 major industrial cities of Pakistan

Top 8 major industrial cities of Pakistan

Top 8 major industrial cities of Pakistan

Pakistan’s economy is dependent upon three business sectors; the first one includes agriculture, fishing, and mining; it contributes 22.04% to the GDP of the country, the Second sector is the manufacturing sector which includes industries, and it contributes 18.34% to the GDP of the country, and the rest comes from the third sector which is the services sector. Few of the major cities in Pakistan, such as Karachi, Faisalabad, etc., are considered the industrial hub of Pakistan because of being the major contributor to the industrial sector of Pakistan.

Business in Pakistan

The economy of the country is boosting up with each passing day. Businesses or the Industrial sector have shown a major contribution in the economy of the country, which is a positive sign and shows that the economy of the country is getting better. Many new automotive industries have been established in Pakistan, which gives positive news about the growth of businesses in Pakistan.

Following is the list of the top 8 major industrial cities of Pakistan


Karachi is considered as the industrial and financial hub of Pakistan. Almost 30% of large-scale manufacturing happens in this city. It is a major contributor to the economic activities of the country. The major automobile industries are Toyota and Suzuki are located here. It also has the biggest textile industry.


Faisalabad is the third-largest city in Pakistan. It is the largest exporter of textile, furniture, and starch. There are almost 512 major and 12000 minor industries in this city. It is also known as the industrial hub of Pakistan. Faisalabad contributes almost 20% to the GDP of the country.

faisalabad - Top 8 major industrial cities of Pakistan


Sialkot is famous for producing and exporting sports goods for more than 100 years now. All kinds of best sports material are produced here, including cricket bats, footballs, hockey sticks, etc. Many footballs used in the FIFA world cup were made in Sialkot. As of today, Sialkot is considered a potent exporter of sports goods around the world. Renowned brands such as NIKE, Adidas, Puma, etc., source a large proportion of sports products from this city.


Lahore is considered the engineering hub of Pakistan. Many heavy industries, including the automotive industry, motorcycle manufacturing, electronic appliances for the home, telecommunication, pharmaceutical industry, chemical industry, construction companies, computer manufacturing, spare part industry, are located in this city. This city has more than 9000 industries. The infrastructure of the city is well-designed. The roads are linked to almost all major cities of Pakistan.


Gujranwala is also one of the important cities of Pakistan in terms of industrial production. Gujranwala, along with Gujrat and Sialkot, are known as golden triangles because of their importance in the industrial sector of the economy. It is the third-largest city of Pakistan in terms of the iron and steel manufacturing industry.

Other important manufacturing industries in the city include cutlery, plastic industry, rice, agricultural equipment industry, carpets, leather industry, military machinery and equipment industry, and food products, etc.

industry - Top 8 major industrial cities of Pakistan


Gujarat is also one of the most important cities of Pakistan. It is one of the major manufacturers of furniture goods, jewelry, pottery, the fan industry, etc. Service shoes, the largest shoe manufacturing company, is also located in Gujrat. This city is also famous for being the largest rice exporter.


Sheikhupura is famous for a variety of industries. Major industries in this city include fertilizer, chemical, tractor, and automobile assembling industry, ceramic industry, pharmaceutical goods, and paper industry, etc. It is an industrially developed city.


Wazirabad is famous for its handmade products, which include swords, all kinds of knives, light military equipment, and traditional handmade embroidered suits. The cutlery industry is the most potent and major contributor in the economy of the country. Wazirabad is famous for its cutlery industry. Almost 25% of people living in Wazirabad are employed in the cutlery industry.

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