Top 10 Youtubers In Pakistan

Top 10 Youtubers

Top 10 Youtubers In Pakistan

The Youtube industry in Pakistan has been thriving in recent years that is leading more and more people to open their channels and start their brand. Nowadays you will see plenty of channels creating content for the public and getting viral and gaining popularity.  While you look at your favorite YouTubers almost on daily basis and enjoy their content but you might now who is the biggest Youtuber and on top of their game. For the common knowledge of the public, we have compiled the top 10 Youtubers in Pakistan currently. We start off our list with the most subscribed Pakistani Youtuber and finish it off with some channels who do not come in the top list but are making quality content and have impressed the public. 

Without any further delay, let’s countdown and know about them a little.

Top 10 Youtubers In Pakistan

1. Kitchen with Amna

Coming on the top of the list in Top 10 Youtubers is “Kitchen WIth Amna”. It is the first female YouTuber channel in Pakistan that has crossed the 1 million subscriber milestone and currently ranks first with 3.72 million followers. Aman opened up her channel on Jun 4, 2016, and in four years channel has garnered 47 crore views. The channel is all about Pakistani, Indian, and Continental cuisine cooking videos, recipes, related tips, and more. She posts her content on daily basis and has posted over 1000 videos as of today.

Kitchen with Amna 1024x569 - Top 10 Youtubers In Pakistan

2. P 4 Pakao – Nadir Ali

In the list of Top 10 Youtubers P 4 Pakao was the biggest Youtube channel in past years until “Kitchen With Amna” took the crown. The channel, P4 Pakao, is run by Nadir Ali who launched it on May 3, 2016. It is the first Pakistani Youtube channel that crossed the 1m subscriber mark in history and also holds the record of the first 2m subscriber milestone achiever. The channel is all about pranks and comedy skits that Nadir Ali does with the public while going around Karachi. He first went viral on Facebook and then started his Youtube journey. His comedic style is appreciated and loved in both Pakistan and India.  

P 4 Pakao Nadir Ali - Top 10 Youtubers In Pakistan

3. Qasim Ali Shah

Qasim Ali Shah launched his YouTube channel on Nov 18, 2016, and has 2.4m subscribers and 19 crore vies on his channel as of today. His channel is dedicated to motivational content that he delivers on some occasion or make videos of lectures to inspire youngsters. He has been on the top Pakistani Youtuber list since his initial years because the general public admires him and love to hear him speak on a range of topics. 

qasim ali shah - Top 10 Youtubers In Pakistan

4. Ducky Bhai – Saad Ur Rehman

You must have heard of Ducky Bhai, right? He is in the spotlight for past years after his viral video about the feud with other Youtuber. Ducky Bhai a.k.a Saad Ur Rehman is a 20-year old guy, studying Bachelors in Computer Science from Comsats Lahore. He posts roast and reaction videos that are loved by the public and have made him the top Pakistani Youtuber today. His followers are growing and even love is pouring from India too for him. He started his YouTube channel on Feb 4, 2017, and in a short period, gained 2.2m subscribers and 19 crore views on videos.  

Ducky Bhai Saad Ur Rehman 1024x570 - Top 10 Youtubers In Pakistan

5. Asad Ali TV

Asad Ali TV launched on Jun 9, 2016, and since then has gained 1 crore views and 1.98m subscribers. He posts videos on tech reviews, android apps, and related information. The reason he is gaining attention over the years is that he posts the videos in plain Urdu with easy words that are understandable to the general public about the technology. He is considered a social media success story and has been interviewed on local TV too.

Asad Ali TV - Top 10 Youtubers In Pakistan

Now that we have counted down the top 6 most subscribed Pakistani Youtubers and let you know what each of their channel hold. Now we have four Pakistani YouTubers who are not the most followed but are certainly making quality content, and you should follow. 

6. Taimoor Salahuddin a.k.a Mooroo

Mooroo is quite successful across social media and regarded as the most talented Youtuber in Pakistan due to his skits and acting. He is quite a good director, sketch artist, writer, composer, and actor. Currently, he is close to reaching 1m subscriber mark on his youtube channel. He posts thoughtful and informative videos on a wide range of issues. Mainly, he s famous for his vlogs and singing talent that he has shown on many occasions. He might not be in the top 10 but has fans all around the globe who love him and his content.

Moroo - Top 10 Youtubers In Pakistan

7. Irfan Junejo

Irfan Junejo comes on 7 in the list of Top 10 Youtubers is quite a famous Pakistani Youtuber and climbed to popularity with his vlogging skills. He was the one who started the trend of vlogging and paved the way for other Pakistani YouTubers in the industry. His youtube channel is close to half a million but is increasing in followers for past years. The reason his vlogging is quite famous is that he makes story-oriented and thought-provoking style vlogs, which also makes him stand as a unique brand itself.

irfan janajo - Top 10 Youtubers In Pakistan

8. KhujLee Family

KhujLee Family channel is run by a boy from Larkana who dopped out of University to start his own channel. He gained popularity in a short amount with the series called Awesamo Speaks. He makes funny reviews and entertaining videos with engaging and special editing skills. He has more than half a million followers and currently growing in numbers.

Awesamo spoke about Ducky Sham controversy 3 2019 1024x540 - Top 10 Youtubers In Pakistan

9. The Idiotz

The Idiotz, previously known as “3 Idiots”, has been in a top Pakistani Youtubers list with their creative and take on social issues content. They have been making content for many years and have made quite a following over social media. Even today, they are known to make comedy skits and troll videos that people enjoy. 

the idiotz 1024x569 - Top 10 Youtubers In Pakistan

10. Village Food Secrets

in the list of Top 10 Youtubers Village food comes with 2.5m subscribers on Pakistan Youtube is Village Food Secrets, run by Mubashir Siddiquie. He used to work in a Football production company in Sialkot as a production manager, also went abroad to earn. Eventually, he returned to his homeland to support his family and launched his channel on Nov 18, 2016. Mubashir is 33-years old living in a small village of Shahpur, Sialkot. He started his Youtube journey with Village Food Secrets and over the years become quite successful and garnered over 38 crore views on his videos. He posts videos of cooking food in the village with natural ingredients and desi village-style over coal and in clay pots. 

village cook 1024x495 - Top 10 Youtubers In Pakistan

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