Titanic Resort Faisalabad

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Titanic Resort Faisalabad

When we come to Faisalabad, then we are expected something adventure. There are many five star hotels in Faisalabad city, but when your requirement is high, and sometimes you want to explore more things, then A beautiful Titanic Resort Faisalabad provides us with all these things in Faisalabad.

If we talk about the Architecture of Titanic Resort, then you are surprised to know that this hotel looks like Titanic. It a unique idea to make something change in hoteling business. People like to see such kind of hotel and explore different services in the titanic Resort. If you want to enjoy your holidays in such a beautiful place, then you are in the right place. For booking point of view, you don’t need to pay charges of booking.

For booking different booking sites provides us with the facility through the third party but if we to direct booking our room then its to easy only call them and according to the requirement we can schedule our place. In Titanic Resort we have forty luxury rooms for visitors as well as the swimming pool area in cheap prices.

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Structure Of  Titanic Resort Faisalabad

This idea is unique in Faisalabad in which targeted a ship names Titanic. In the same way, Titanic Resort Faisalabad consists on five floors are they are fully surrounding with water and give it a unique and imaginable view like a ship. A swimming pool at the top of the roof provides a beautiful sight to everyone.

Ground Floor and First Floor of Titanic Resort

When we enter in a hotel on the ground floor, we found a help desk, or you can say the booking desk for any available services. On the first floor, we found a proper well-equipped gym for his visitors. In Titanic Resort they try to provide all possible services so they can make a positive attitude in hoteling business.

Second Floor of Titanic Resort

In the second floor of Resort, a complete indoor games environment is created in which we see snooker tables and different rooms for sports like badminton and some other sports.

Third and Fourth Floor of Titanic Resort

This floor includes rooms and wedding Halls with appropriate services. Some places include attaching a swimming pool. When we talk about pricing of these luxury rooms then for your information, pricing starts from 4000 per room. As a Five star standard that’s not a big deal to enjoy such a great environment in a cheap cost.

Banquet Hall At Titanic Resort Faisalabad

Creating A Banquet Hall in a Hotel is always provides a plus point to everyone in hoteling business. In the same way, Titanic Resort offers a facility of Hall to everyone with the following services.

  • Bridal Room
  • DJ and Sound System
  • Decoration
  • Generator Backup
  • Air Condition
  • Stage Decoration

We can also arrange different parties like birthday parties or management parties on a required location. Everyone wants to enjoy a birthday party on the rooftop. Titanic resort provides the best view at top for parties. According to the Titanic Administration, they provide the best and largest setup of birthday party ever in Faisalabad.

Wedding at Titanic Resort Faisalabad - Titanic Resort Faisalabad

Facilities In Titanic Resort Rooms

When someone selects a Hotel, then they expect maximum facilities in an affordable price. Here in Titanic, Every room has 24/7 services, Kitchenette and most rooms have attached Swimming pool. This hotel provides five-star hoteling services to all his visitors. Some people like to play or want to exercise for such kind of persons. Titanic Resort administration build an indoor play area and a gym.

This huge Resort provides facilities in three different forms like we can say Titanic resort is a Hotel, Restaurant and wedding hall. Minumum price of the room is starting from 4000. Faislabad International Airport Are ten kilometre away from Titanic Resort. Due to outside the city most people hesitate to join but after view this article we hope you would like to visit Titanic Resort Faisalabad

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Location And Contact Information

Cell No: 0300 0344541

Email: info@titanicresort.pk

Address: Samundri Road, Roshan Wali Jhal, Faisalabad Pakistan

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