The First Insect Agriculture Museum Faisalabad

Insect Museum Agriculture University Faisalabad

The First Insect Agriculture Museum Faisalabad

As we all know the University of Agriculture Faisalabad is the largest agriculture university in Pakistan. Administration of university Decided to open an The First Insect Agriculture Museum Faisalabad old Campus.


The First Insect Agriculture Museum Faisalabad:


It is the only one Insect Museum in Pakistan, and it becomes an example for the whole country. The museum preserves for the bio-diversity system.

The idea of insect museum comes from an event of scholarly held by US-Pakistan Centre for Advanced Studies in Agriculture & Food Security (USPCAS-AFS). According to the Vice-Chancellor, this Museum Kept Hold different kinds of species of insects.

According to the plan of the Museum Administration plant, pathological, zoological and, entomological aspects would be considered during the collection of all species.

Insect Museum 1 - The First Insect Agriculture Museum Faisalabad

Our Pakistan is blessed with a lot of resources that are given by God but due to budget and lack of interest

No one can conduct such collection which makes some history and help us in future for making conditions about food and different insects that helpful or dangerous for crops in Pakistan.

We see that Water scarcity, low agricultural productivity, increasing population and climate changes pose threats to food insecurity that why  All these threads overcome with research and Museum plays an essential rule in research.

This kind of Museum is also in India. Insect collected form 1900s are housed here. On that idea, UAF decides to receive different insect from all over the country and showcase here. The Museum speaks realms about the magical world of insects.

This Museum tells our all questions like why, when, where, who etc. Pakistan Agriculture council also conduct a National Insect museum integrated program . Formers and student can take benefit from the Museum to increase knowledge and growth of Agriculture system.

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