Pakistan Mobile Companies and TECNO Mobiles

TECNO Mobile Phones Prices in Pakistan

Pakistan Mobile Companies and TECNO Mobiles

One cannot just live without a mobile phone because it has become a necessity of life. You can do all of your work and manage things just from your mobile phone in your palm. we are here to discuss TECNO Mobile Phones Prices in Pakistan. The mobile industry in Pakistan is growing in great numbers as the users are increasing day by day. According to Pakistan Telecommunication Authority PTA, as of 2019, there are nearly 152 million phone subscribers in Pakistan. There are many phone brands that are selling their mobile phones in Pakistan each year and gaining popularity. 

Mobile Companies In Pakistan - Pakistan Mobile Companies and TECNO Mobiles

Quick Note: [You must have seen a searching tag trending in Pakistan, “TECNO Mobile Phones Prices in Pakistan”, whenever you search for mobile. It is because TECNO has been gaining popularity in Pakistan among everyone with its latest and affordable smartphones.]

Before we dive into TECNO and TECNO Mobile Phones Prices in Pakistan, let’s first look into some of the famous smartphone brands operating in Pakistan.


Samsung, a South Korean electronics company, is without a doubt the biggest and popular seller of smartphones in Pakistan. It is also leading globally with its latest electronics since it started back in 1938. It has introduced some of its top-notch series such as Galaxy and Note

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smartphones inexpensive range and, J and A series in much affordable range. Due to its high tech hardware, fast software, and overall quality, it has become a top brand of smartphones in Pakistan.


Apple comes second after Samsung in terms of popularity and sales of smartphones in Pakistan. Their iPhones hold their own identity and have made customers loyal to the brand over the years. It is considered more of a status symbol but the technology it offers is quite impressive and makes people buy every new release.

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Huawei is a Chinese company selling its smartphones in Pakistan and ranks as the third biggest seller of smartphones in Pakistan. They have introduced some impressive smart devices with the latest and massive technology. All of its releases were top-notch and loved by people, which made it ultimately successful in recent years. 


Nokia is among the most famous and longest known mobile phone brands in Pakistan. The brand is known for robust mobile phones that do not get damaged easily and although all of its mobiles are not a touchscreen, people still like to buy due to the quality it offers. It offers long durability and battery life that everyone likes to have. Now Nokia has recently introduced an Android-based smartphone under affordable range and people are liking it. 

Nokia Mobiles - Pakistan Mobile Companies and TECNO Mobiles



Qmobile is a Pakistani smartphone company, operating from Karachi. In terms of sales, Qmobile ranks on the top with million sales each month. It is known for introducing affordable and decent smartphones which are popular among all ages.

Oppo is a Chinese smartphone company expanding its business in Pakistan over recent years and has become quite popular. It is famous for its great selfie camera in mobile as the brand targets mostly youngsters who just love taking selfies all the time.

Q mobiles - Pakistan Mobile Companies and TECNO Mobiles


TECNO Mobile is a Chinese company that is based in Shenzhen and established in 2006. Since 2017 it is owned by Hong-Kong based Transsion Holdings and has released impressive smartphones since then in Pakistan because it launched here in the same year. They are known for introducing smartphones with massive technology and fast processors that are best for gaming.

TECNO is increasingly growing and getting popular in Pakistan with the Latest TECNO Phone series. It has released its smartphones with record-breaking sales due to affordable TECNO Mobile Phones Prices in Pakistan and worth mentioning series such as SPARK and Camon, and on the lighter side, it has two more series, Pouvoir, and POP.

Let’s look into each TECNO series in a bit more detail:

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TECNO Series

Camon series is known for its amazing and stable camera quality while still staying within your budget limit. It is a camera-focused smartphone series with the alluring motto “think globally, act locally”. TECNO wants you to not break the bank when you wish to have a good camera phone because most are expensive and therefore introduced its special Camon lineup. Camon TECNO Mobile Phones Prices in Pakistan range from PKR 15000-25000.


SPARK series is targeted for you with its smart design and iconic features. These are basic smartphones that resonate with the affordable price range. TECNO has since introduced many models, each loaded with the latest tech than the previous. It has improved its performance and made a much faster SPARK phone. With its latest release TECNO Spark 4 Price In Pakistan remains at just PKR 16000, while the smartphone works groundbreaking in every matter. It stays true to its principle and offers you a SPARK smartphone price range from PKR 11000-25000 only. 

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Pouvoir series comes with impressive battery capacity and makes your everyday moment special by providing you long battery life. The Pouvoir smartphone comes at a much affordable price, ranging from PKR 15000-21000.

perior mobiles - Pakistan Mobile Companies and TECNO Mobiles
POP 2 - Pakistan Mobile Companies and TECNO Mobiles

POP series is the most affordable smartphone by TECNO. These are simple yet loaded with all the necessary functions like a fingerprint reader, good quality camera, and many more features. POP TECNO Mobile Phones Prices in Pakistan range from PKR 8000-11000.


TECNO has emerged only a few years ago in Pakistan but has made quite progress in terms of sales. It is actively competing against main mobile companies in Pakistan. It is mainly due to the affordable yet good tech smartphones and tablets it has to offer. With its latest release, TECNO has been focusing on gamer-friendly mobile that will have a high processor, longer battery life, and amazing resolution. It is safe to say TECNO is growing rapidly and in the future, we will see it expanding its tech and introducing great smartphones at an affordable cost. Keep yourself updated with the new to not miss out on its latest release. 

I hope this article has been helpful to you in knowing about mobile companies in Pakistan and how TECNO, a relatively new vendor making its footprint in the mobile phone industry in Pakistan.

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