Sindbad Amusement Park


Sindbad Amusement Park

Faisalabad is very famous Related to entertainment. Here we see Educational institutes, Libraries, Park and different famous places its time see other entertainment places available in Faisalabad like Sindbad Amusement Park. This park situated near Iqbal Park Faisalabad. It is a great place To visit with family.

Now everyone is very busy schedule and find difficult to manage time and that’s why he wants to spend some time with his family in a comfortable environment. This area is a digital So all parks are designed to interact children’s to come and learn different things with enjoying atmosphere.

Sindbad Amusement Park is a family park here when any one wants to enters in the park should complete only in one condition. Condition is that he or she comes with his family. Now when we enter in park we have two kinds of area. First is open area where different rides and slides are provided to children’s.

jolay - Sindbad Amusement Park
  • Train above from surface
  • Water Ship Slides
  • Dragon Coaster
  • Pirate ship
  • Space Station
  • Fun go round

These all games mostly enjoyed by teenagers because they are not more safe for children’s. But when we enter in second are of Sindbad Amusement Park we see a different world. In door area coin’s should be purchased for all games because they are all digital. For example we can play car race like a real racing. This is the only one example but some of other games are following

Sindbad Amusement Park Games

In door games:

  • Bumper Cars
  • Car race
  • Bike race
  • Boxing with robot
  • Shooting gun
  • Cricket games
  • Luck deciding games
  • Air Hockey
  • Small court of Basket ball
  • Toys game
  • For 2 years babies game
  • PO Box game

All these games are very interesting and very good environment of spending time with family. After playing games one point comes in every mind and this point is about food. Picnic is not completed without food that’s why a well managed food shops are established inside park area so that visitors don’t worry about food. We can get fast food and desi food restaurants in Park. Now I want to add some reviews about park so that inspire you to make a decision easy to go visit park and enjoy this facility and promote the places in side Faisalabad.

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