Science Center Faisalabad Museum

Science centre museum Faisalabad

Science Center Faisalabad Museum

Science Centre Faisalabad Museum established in 2000. This is the first science centre has been established by Pakistan Science Foundation (PSF) in Faisalabad. It covers the eight Kanals area. Science Center Faisalabad Museum was established according to the Current Scientific awareness in society. We are all know’s that everything is dependent on Science today that’s why its important for everyone to know about science.

This Science Centre Faisalabad Museum is the need of today to promote Science. Science centre Faisalabad helps students in Sensitizing Scientific Knowledge. This Centre is under of Pakistan Science Foundation Ministry of Science and technology.

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This Science Center Faisalabad Museum is the first Centre of Science overall Pakistan. The business community takes part in its establishment. Science Centre Faisalabad Museum has two parts. The outer part for Physics and inter part of the museum for Science is declared.

Inner Side of Museum is further divided into four parts. These parts are defined as different Pakistan lands like deserts. Different kinds of animal statues are the showcase here. Muslim famous scientist Abul Qasim and Abul Hamid pictures are also portraited in the Science Centre Faisalabad Museum.

This Science Center Faisalabad Museum displays exhibits in the fields of Natural History, Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Geology, and Computer Sciences, etc to students to understand Science And a special emphasis on the application of scientific principles in our daily lives. This model Includes Heart Model and Eye Mode.

In recent times for the interest of students, Different species of birds Statue and Dainosors are brings from other countries. These exhibits stimulate the minds of every age department.

Objectives Of Science Center Faisalabad Museum:


  1. To create awareness in society about the role of science and technology in   the economic development of the country.
  2. To activate the latent interest of secondary and higher secondary students in scientific discoveries and applications of science.
  3. To supplement the teaching of biological and physical sciences in schools and colleges through informal education and demonstration of principles of science.
  4. To show science documentaries pertaining to important scientific areas such as Environment, Computers, Lasers, Biotechnology, and Energy, etc.
  5. To arrange S & T exhibitions through science Caravans in rural areas.
  6. To provide S & T information to users and interact with local entrepreneurs and technologists for the exchange of technical information.
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