SB Departmental Store In Faisalabad

SB Departmental store In Faisalabad

SB Departmental Store In Faisalabad

The departmental store is the necessary parts of life because we need different food and other items that we can quickly found on departmental stores. SB Departmental Store In Faisalabad is one of the best departmental stores that provide a quality product to his customers.

As we see, there are some other bid competitor, exist in Faisalabad like Imtiaz supermart and Chase up but if you determine to provide quality services, then you can make your places in the market in a short time. SB store establishes more than five branches in Faisalabad, and with time, they try to make their business expand in other cities of Pakistan.

SB Store Departments

As we usually expect different sections in Departmental store in the same way in SB store, we found all these sections that contain all most everything which we need in daily life. Here we can get 100% pure milk because Sb store did not depend on another dairy farm. SB store has its dairy farm; that’s why they promise to its customer to provide pure milk. Fresh Meat, vegetables and fruits are the part of this Departmental store.

Geplaatst door SB Departmental Store op Zondag 4 juni 2017

Spices are a vital part of our food; that’s why SB departmental store give priority to spices and tries to provide spices that are not maxed with any other material. Cosmetic and perfumes are such kinds of products that attract people to engage with the departmental store that’s why SB store collection includes such luxury items, so their customer found all items under a single roof.

Crockery items are one best item that generates good revenue for any departmental store so here. From SB Departmental Store In Faisalabad, we can see a good collection of Crockery. For kids, Toys section provide all kind of toys so parents feel free to shop and kids don’t disturb then during shopping. Prices usually are not high so that everyone can buy it easily.

Wide range of baby care products is available here like Baby oil, Baby wipes, Baby bath liquid or soap, Baby shampoo, Skincare ointments, Petroleum jelly in a low price. SB store tries to build its brand; that’s why they provide an item that they own like milk and rice. Garments portion offer different brands to the visitors, so the customer satisfies and come back again in the SB store.

One of the most popular Tv Show knows as Jetoo Pakistan that is hosted by Fahad Mustafa. We can get a pass of that show in a lucky draw here if we shopping more then three thousand.

SB Departmental Store In Faisalabad Home Delivery

All Departmental stores mostly present the same products but if you want some extra revenue, then you should try something extraordinary. No one Departmental store provide a Home delivery, but SB store delivers these services to his customers and make a plus point in the market over others. During a lockdown situation, this is the best choice, and in this way, the SB store gets a chance of branding their name. We only need to call on SB Departmental Store In Faisalabad and wrote down a list of items. Within an hour, the delivery boy on your gate.SB Store Home Delivery service makes a positive impact on society, and in this way, people prefer this departmental store for shopping.

Home Delivery SB departmental Store - SB Departmental Store In Faisalabad

Online Shopping From SB Departmental Store Faisalabad

Online shopping is now becoming a trend in Pakistan; that’s why every big company that physically exists try to establish an online store as well. That is the main reason we see that many brands have their outlets, but they run an online business as well. SB Shop Online provides this facility to his customer that they can buy different products online from their website.  Some Features are awe-inspiring in online shopping like we get free home delivery over 3000 shopping from SB store.

We can return the item within seven days if we find any problem in the product. 24/7 support is one of the best services which we get from SB store online. Different discounts are available on different occasions like the 14th of August and the anniversary of brands. Here we list a product that is available on SB store online. Visa Card is used for payment of SB store, so everyone feels safe and secure.

  • Nightwear
  • Inner Wear
  • Special Deals
  • Men’s Fashion
  • Men’s’ Clothing
  • Women’s Fashion
  • Women’s Clothing
  • Babies and Toys
  • Home and Living
  • Health and Beauty
  • Kitchen and Dining

These are the main categories we can check them in detail from their website.

Branches OF SB store in Faisalabad

All companies try to cover more area in a specific city so that customer doesn’t need to travel more for getting their product so, after a proper analysis, they establish branches in different regions of the city. We are talking about SB Departmental Store In Faisalabad. We provide you with a list of various departments in Faisalabad.

SB departmental store logo 300x276 - SB Departmental Store In Faisalabad
  • SB Departmental Store Faisalabad Jang Road
  • SB Departmental Store Faisalabad Narwala Road
  • SB Departmental Store Faisalabad Lasani pulli
  • SB Departmental Store Faisalabad Samundri Road
  • SB Departmental Store Faisalabad People Colony

Opening Timing Of SB Departmental Store

Monday: 06:00 – 22:00
Tuesday: 06:00 – 22:00
Wednesday: 06:00 – 22:00
Thursday: 06:00 – 22:00

Friday: 06:00 – 22:00
Saturday: 06:00 – 22:00
Sunday: 06:00 – 22:00

Opening time of SB Departmental Store Faisalabad - SB Departmental Store In Faisalabad

Contact Information


Phone no: (041) 8542309

Email Address:

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