RCG Shopping Centre Faisalabad

RCG Shopping Centre Faisalabad

RCG Shopping Centre Faisalabad

Faisalabad is the industrial area, and every bigger brand tries to establish a good reputation here. RCG Shopping center is one of the best Shopping centers in Faisalabad. Faisalabad knows as the cloth industry in Pakistan that’s why people expect from here more unique products as compare to others. Here we discuss all aspects of RCG Shopping Centre Faisalabad for your awareness and make it easy for you to select this shopping center for shopping.


RCG is known as a one-stop-shop because they provide clothes, fabrics, and different accessories to their clients with a quality product n an affordable price. The multi-brand concept is unique in Faisalabad; that’s why the RCG clothing gallery provides us with a feature of multi-brands under the same roof.


Enviournament of Shopping is very friendly, and you make it memorable with your family. We see different clothing centers in Faisalabad, but GCG is the most prominent clothing center in th city. You can get a different item from RCG like appeals, footwear, perfumes, and some other accessories. Most people confuse that either clothes are stitched or unstitched available so we clear to them you can get any clothes to form here. Men’s, Women, and kids’ clothes collection make an easy to shop under one roof.

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RCG proves themselves in a short period in Faisalabad. Prices are not a big problem here, so be confident and visit RCG. You can get home delivery of your selected products, and we discuss it in detail in further in this article.

Products in RCG Shopping centre

RCG Shopping Centre Faisalabad is a collection of Men’s, Women, and kids related to different items. All famous brands showcase their products in RCG. RCG targets the clothes industry in Faisalabad; that’s why they try to provide almost every type of cloth or brand, so their customer satisfaction increases. Women’s form of elite class prefers designer dresses; that’s why we can see here luxury and expensive clothes of more prominent names. New Born baby collection is the key point for any shopping centre, so RCG provides us quickly.

Some other accessories, like jewelry, Wallet, and bedsheets, are part of the Shopping center. Suppose we think like a marketing advertisement manager. We need some sales for increasing people interest and revenue, so the RCG shopping centre provides sales on all brands in different periods mostly they target special events like Eid, Independence day, and some others.

Mans Products in RCG Shopping Centre Faisalabad

Now we see this in detail about the men’s products so first of all, we talk about clothes there is no matter either you like to wear Eastern clothes, Western clothes or Sports related items are available here. In other accessories perfumes, Watches and undergarments products include. You can check all detail about Men’s clothes by visiting the official website of RCG shopping centre.

Women’s Products

Women are very conscious related to shopping; that’s why RCG Shopping Centre Faisalabad knows that this gender makes their images positive in society. Different designer dresses are the showcase here their designed products: Eastern, western dresses and how we forget about nightdresses. Ladies’ bags and ladies’ watches perform an attraction point in RCG.

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Kids And Newborn Products

Kids and new baby shopping is tough, but you feel free to shop when you get all these items under a single roof. Baby clothes are readily available here with toys. You don’t need to go anywhere fr toys shopping. For newborn baby, all necessary items like Footed onesie, Sleeping gown, Trumpette socks, Zutano Booties, Stroller footmuffs are available in RCG.

Brands In RCG

The main reason of the popularity of RCS is the multi-brands under a single roof. RCG makes it a unique point form other clothing centres in Faisalabad that’s why RCG is prominent when someone talks about Brands. Here we provide a list of some famous brands in RCG.

  • AIK
  • Aleeshan
  • AlkaramStudio
  • ELAN
  • ZAHA

Online Shopping Process From RCG Shopping Mall Faisalabad

Mostly people like to shop online due to COVED19 or before this world is becoming digital era. RCG Shopping Centre Faisalabad decides to do their business online and provide all products to the door of the customer. RCG decide some rules for all customers which includes the following conditions

  1. First of all, you visit the page for selecting the product for purchasing
  2. After selecting text RCG in the inbox with a screenshot of the product with the brand name and article number.
  3. The administration checks the stock and confirms the availability of the product.
  4. After confirmation from stock, they confirm from you for the final decision of purchasing and then reserve it for you.
  5. After telling the shipping address to the RCG, they confirm the total charges of your products which includes shipping charges.
  6. Payment is made through Western Union; no other option is available.
  7. After receiving bank, the transaction received they product you selected are shipped on your address.

RCG Shopping Centre Location

This fantastic shopping centre locates at Kohinoor plaza at jarawalan road Faisalabad, near alfateh plaza. Due to the popularity of GCR, the administration decides to open sub-branches In different shopping malls of Faisalabad. See detail of other branches

Galaxy Mall, Hariyanwala Chowk Faisalabad Pakistan

Chen One Rd Faisalabad Branch

Bhawana Bazar Rd Faisalabad Branch

Misaq ul Mall Faisalabad Branch


Contact Information of RCG Shopping Centre Faisalabad


Cell No# 0311 1111021

Website: https://rcg.com.pk/

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/RCGclothing/

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