PC Hotel In Faisalabad

PC Hotel In Faisalabad

PC Hotel In Faisalabad

Faisalabad has a collection of famous hotels that represents the hospitality of the city. We already discuss the top 5 Hotels in Faisalabad. now we decide to take a look individually on all 5-star hotels in Faisalabad. PC hotel In Faisalabad is a five-star hotel and proved all kinds of services in affordable prices.

History Of PC Hotels

Full name of PC hotel is Pearl-Continental Hotels and Resorts. First branch pf PC hotel established in 1960 and the owner is Sadruddin Hashwani. Now its 2020 and Hashoo group still owned this profitable business of hotels. PC hotel in Faisalabad is the part of that chain which is expanding in whole Pakistan.

Some other PC hotels in Pakistan are established in other cities like Rawalpindi, Karachi, Peshawar, Gwadar, Faisalabad, Lahore, Bhurban, and Muzaffarabad. Karachi PC hotal is one of the best hotels in Pakistan, and it competes for all international standards.

Hashoo group becomes a business tycoon in Pakistan and establish some businesses like Pearl Continental Hotel Apartments and Clover Creek Hotel in Dubai and Hotel One. PC hotel fairs are not big hight we can get a room in affordable prices here in this article we explain all packages provided by PC hotels.

PC Hotel - PC Hotel In Faisalabad

PC Hotel faces some difficulties in the past few years, but they maintained very well, and this becomes the reason for the popularity of PC hotels. In 2001 Karachi PC hotel workers were threatening consistently, and in 2009 outside Pearl Continental Peshawar a bomb is placed by tourists who make a cause of more than 20 deaths

Packages OF PC Hotel In Faisalabad

Here we discuss different features and packages of PC hotel with their prices.

Buy now stay letter

In this Package PC Hotel In Faisalabad provide a service in which we can buy the online voucher and then use it whenever we want. One of the best options that are available here is we can use that voucher at any branch of PC hotel. This voucher is available at 9,999 per day plus affordable tex charges.

Can Not Get Back To The Office

As we know, this is a situation of COVID 19, and all kinds of offices are still closed by the government. That’s why Pearl-Continental Hotels provides the facility of office we can feel a comfortable environment like an office. This package we can get for a week or monthly bases. Charges of this packages are 5,500 per day plus tax.

office of pc - PC Hotel In Faisalabad

Meeting Package

Everyone wants to conduct a meeting in a comfortable and pleasant environment. PC Hotel In Faisalabad provides a facility of 10 to 40 members at a time. 3,000 per head charges includes in this package. So it means we need no worry if we have not the right place for a meeting.

Meeting hall PC hotel Faisalabad - PC Hotel In Faisalabad

Family Package

Family is one of the essential parts of our life. We hard work and struggle in life for our family. So the PC hotel takes care of families and provides a package for families. In this package, we can avail food and all fun activities. Starting charges of this package is 20,300. But we can assure that we require branch of PC a=is provides this facility or not.

Family package - PC Hotel In Faisalabad

Honeymoon Package

honeymoon in PC hotel Faisalabad - PC Hotel In Faisalabad

When someone starts a new life, then he or she expected a beautiful starting of one unique part of life. PC hotel helps them in this decision and provides the best package in a honeymoon situation—charges of this package start from 20,300 plus tax.

Student Package

In student life some times we decide to take a break from studies and enjoy some moments with our friends on that spot PC hotel help us in an affordable price and lot of features so we can make different memories of our life.

Swimming Pool Facility In PC Hotel In Faisalabad

When some are taking a package in a luxury hotel, then they deserve all kinds of feature which feels them better. That’s why every five-star hotel prefers the indoor or outdoor swimming pool for his members. In the PC hotel Faisalabad we can enjoy a vast swimming indoor pool and feel happiness. We provide individual pools for men & women, which makes it all the more reason for you to indulge in this relaxing activity while you stay with us. Stay healthy stay fresh.

PC Hotel Swimming pool - PC Hotel In Faisalabad

Wedding In PC Hotel In Faisalabad

PC hotel Faisalabad famous due to his services in a wedding function. We can get all essential feature at a single place, and these features provide the best services to make happy to everyone. We see all the arrangements related to the wedding they manage very well either we talk about stage or setting hall, decoration or something else all these things are going to be perfect.

Wedding in PC hotel Faisalabad - PC Hotel In Faisalabad

Singing concerts In PC Hotel Faisalabad

All five-star hotel try to find an opportunity for branding that’s why in this era hosting a singing a concert is the best choice of branding. Thinking like an Advertiser. If a famous singer comes to your hotel for performing. It means you get attention form News channels and Social media holder. It means we don’t need to pay anyone for promotion.

ABZ Khan in PC Hotel 1024x567 - PC Hotel In Faisalabad

Contact Information For Booking Online

Website: https://www.pchotels.com/

Email: info@pcfaisalabad.com

Phone no: +92 41 8523177

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