Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan The Finest Qawwali Singer Of All Times

Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan The Finest Qawwali Singer Of All Times

Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan The Finest Qawwali Singer Of All Times

Faisalabad is one of the luckiest city of Pakistan. Which has a label that King of Qawwali Nusrat Fateh Ali khan belongs to this amazing city. Pakistan always produces the quality singer that make their name in the world and feel proud to everyone as a Pakistani. Here in this article, we try to display some important facts about Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan The Finest Qawwali Singer Of All Times.

I think this man doesn’t need any type of introduction because This man is a complete introduction in itself. We try our best to show you some information with respect to this legend.

Introduction of Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan

This famous personality needs no introduction. Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan is the legend of Qawwali and gave a new touch to Qawwali. He is still known as Shahenshah-e-Qawwali that means the “The King of Kings of Qawwali”. Not only this, but he was also a Pakistani vocalist, musician and music director, who sung countless songs of Islamic devotional music. Lyrics were based on Ishq-e-Ilahi, Ishq-e- Rasool and Ishq-e-Majazi.

He is universally acknowledged as one of the most prominent voices ever recorded in the entire world. He had a remarkable scope of vocal capacities and could perform at an elevated level of force for many hours. Khan Saab is referred to the Patiala Family extending the 600-year old Qawwali tradition of his family. Khan is generally attributed with acquainting Qawwali music with worldwide music listeners.

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Qawwali is a vibrant musical belief that is known more than the past 700 years. In that era, Qawwali can be heard at Sufi shrines throughout the subcontinent, and now it has also gained mainstream popularity.

Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan Saab was born in Faisalabad, the third-largest city of Pakistan in 1948. His family originates from Basti Sheikh in Jalandhar Present-day India. He was born in a Punjabi Muslim family. His ancestors learned music and singing there and adopted it as a profession. He was the fifth child and the first son of Fateh Ali Khan and his father himself was a musicologist, vocalist, instrumentalist, and Qawwal during that time.

An interesting fact to know about Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan

Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan was known as by the name of Pervaiz. But when he visited Ghulam Ghaus Samdani he changed his name to Nusrat Fateh Ali. Samdani always say that he would become a great singer in future and his sayings become truth.

He had his first public performance at the age of 15, at his father’s chelum. Khan saab liked and understand the depth of music and started learning the tabla before moving on to the vocals. With the passage of time he became the head of the family Qawwali party in 1971. This was the huge achievement for him.

He was signed by the international music companies such as, Oriental Star Agencies, Birmingham, England in the early 1980s. Khan Saab also got a chance to release movie scores and albums in Europe, India, Japan, Pakistan and the U.S. He involved with the joint efforts and trials with the Western music artists, turning into a notable music composer. He visited widely, acting in more than 40 nations.

Notwithstanding advocating Qawwali music, he additionally bigly affected contemporary South Asian famous music, including Pakistani pop, Indi-popular and Bollywood music. He was given the title of Ustad which means “The Master” and it is broadly defined as the master in composing of music and lyrics. This title was given to him after performing classical music at a function in Lahore on the death anniversary of his father

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How Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan Saab ruled on people’s heart

The depth of lyrics, the music and the voice can gain anyone’s attention even if they don’t like the music. This is the reason that he won the hearts of international audiences and even non-Muslim audiences sung with him the famous kalam named “Allah Hoo Allah Hoo”. He received the President of Pakistan’s Award for Pride of Performance for his contribution to Pakistani music in the year 1987. Not only in Pakistan but he was nominated for two Grammy Awards, for Best Traditional Folk Album and Best World Music Album.

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This great Qawwal singer released countless albums nationwide and worldwide which took him to the other level of success in the music industry. Numerous privileged titles were given to Khan Saab during his 25-year music profession. Talking about international artists who have also cited Khan Saab as an influence. Such as Nadia Ali, Zayn Malik, Malay, Peter Gabriel, A. R. Rahman, Sheila Chandra, Alim Qasimov, Eddie Vedder, and Joan Osborn are the few names to mention here.

On 13 October 2015, Google for the very first time celebrated Khan Saab’s 67th birthday with a doodle on its homepage for India, Pakistan and Japan among other countries. It was a huge tribute to him. He Made Pakistan is proud in front of the whole world. The world remembers him always as the person who opened the world’s ears to the rich, hypnotic sounds of the Sufis.

On account of his incredible voice, Khan carried world music to the world in a very responsible way by spreading love. We pray that Khan Saab rests in eternal peace hereafter.

Reason Behind Death Of Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan

In the last days of life, Nusrat Faheh Ali khan travelling toward America for his Singing programs. Before reaching America, he decides to take rest in London. When he arrived in the local hotel of London his health condition is not good and his sectary Iqbal with him at that time. When observing that the situation was not getting well, they decide to shift in the hospital. In the hospital, dialysis is taking Nusrat Fateh Ali khan emergently not feel well. That’s why doctors choose to make some other tests.
In results report it a shocking for everyone because khan Shahab faces hepatitis A, B and C. This disease is due to the faulty apparatus of the hospital they did dialysis without changing tubes. They offer to take a complete treatment in London, but khan Shahab feel well and not avail the offer, But doctors decide to use a hepatitis injection to khan shahb, but this injection reacts very badly. On next day Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan was shifted into ICU, but they can not survive and we lose a Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan The Finest Qawwali Singer Of All Times.

Relation Of Rahet Fateh Ali Khan With Nusrat Fateh Ali

Everyone knows about Rahat Fateh Ali khan after Nusrat Fateh Ali khan he is the only one popular singer who makes music alive. Rahat Fateh Ali khan born in Pakistan nephew of Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, son of Farrukh Fateh Ali Khan. Rahat follows the footsteps of his uncle Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan and make his name in the world of singing. Faisalabad is the city which belongs to these two personalities. As a Faisalabadi we feel proud to say Rahat Fateh Ali khan lives in Faisalabad.

Rahet Fateh Ali Khan - Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan The Finest Qawwali Singer Of All Times

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