Mall Of Faisalabad

Mall of Faisalabad

Mall Of Faisalabad

The Mall Of Faisalabad is one of the most excellent Shopping Mall inside Faisalabad. It’s the first biggest shopping Chain which spread all over the country. The first branch opens in 2000 and from the first day to till now it gets more visitors day by day. In Faisalabad, already different big competitors are competing. In such a place, there are very difficult to survive, But Mall of Faisalabad prove this with their service and products quality.

Mall of Faisalabad consist on four floors and for special parking, basement constructed. It is the new parking trend in Faisalabad. Ventilated Walkways provide a better experience for all visitors for shopping. If we talk about services which we can obtain from Mall of Faisalabad, then we feel happy because different famous brands establish their outlets here.

Brands In Mall Of Faisalabad

Every bigger brand tries to connect with Mall Of Faisalabad. Alkaram Studio, Khaadi, Bareeze and HSY Studio are one of the most well-known brands in the cloth industry they are providing their products in such shopping malls. People need to eat something before or after the shopping for this purpose; the mall of Faisalabad provides a well-established food court. This Food Court Provide all national and international food.

The seating area is very comfortable in the Food court we can enjoy a meal with our families in a friendly environment. All these things about shopping mall make it famous in society. The bakery is essential when we need to buy sweet or cake items that why Every Mall Of Faisalabad bakery provide a quality item within the shopping mall area.

cloth outlets - Mall Of Faisalabad
food court - Mall Of Faisalabad

All other products like kitchen items and other products which we see in any hypermart are available here. These products we found almost in every shopping mall, but in Mall of Faisalabad, we get different discounts.

Pharmacy In Mall Of Faisalabad

Pharmacy is the point where we get all kinds of medicine quickly. It is an excellent strategy to get the customer closer to your mall. People try to get all things under the same roof; that’s why it’s a good initiative from the administration.

Outdoor Gaming Ariana

Sometimes we need to provide some extra facilities to the visitors for getting some bonus point over other shopping malls. Mall of Faisalabad provides outdoor gaming arena where we can play different games like cricket, four wheeler bike riding and golf in a small well-designed court. This is one of the unique services which is provided by Mall of Faisalabad. Boulevard shopping mall provides indoor bowling games, but outdoor games are first time provide in Faisalabad.

Luxury Apartment In Mall Of Faisalabad

Faisalabad is the industrial area, and every year thousands of people come in Faisalabad for a business trip. They try to found the best place to stay that’s why Faisalabad proved five-star hotel in the city. But Mall of Faisalabad understand this need of visitor and establish a luxury apartment in the Mall top floors.

These Apartments consist on a living room with a kitchen. These living rooms have all things which we can imagen in a healthy lifestyle. Bedrooms are fully air-conditioned, and bathrooms are designed according to the need of the guest. You can get these apartments on rent, or you can also purchase this property. We can say Mall of Faisalabad has a mini-hotel inside his building.

Facilities In Mall Of Faisalabad

We provide you with a list of all facilities that are available in Mall Of Faisalabad. These facilities make your idea about how we can miss the opportunity to visit such a perfect place for shopping.

  • Play Area for Kids
  • Play Land for Kids (10,000 sq ft)
  • Best Food Court
  • Exclusive RF-ID E-Tag Based card Parking
  • Wide independent Car Parking
  • 24/7 CCTV based security Monitoring
  • Exclusive Fire Alarm system
  • Elevators
  • Modern High Speed Two Lifts
  • All Shops front-facing
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • 24/7 Power Backup
  • Specific Area for Cloth Market
  • Backup Staff for electric Facilities

Parking is the most issue for different shopping malls that how they manage the parking of customers because companies try to establish a mall on the main road, but the parking issue is mostly found such shopping mall that is on the main street. Mall of Faisalabad builds a basement for parking where we can park more than 200 cars at a time.

Location Of Mall Of Faisalabad

Mall of Faisalabad is located in the central area of the city. We found this mall easily on Canal Road towards Eden Valley and is on the main road. We can reach on location in 5 to 7 minutes from circle club Faisalabad.

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