Khayyam Hotel In Faisalabad

Khayyam Hotel In Faisalabad

Khayyam Hotel In Faisalabad

Faisalabad is the city where you face different competitors in every field. Hotelling is the best business in today’s world. That’s why every hotel administration tried to provides all the available and best services to the guests. We hare here to introduce another best hotel in Faisalabad, which is Khayyam Hotel in Faisalabad.

Khayyam Hotel is located on Jail road near Akbrabad, Faisalabad. It’s 3 Km away from the center of the city. It is ideally the best location because its ten mints are traveling distance from Airport Faisalabad. All the accommodations are available here in affordable prices.

Services Of Khayyam Hotel In Faisalabad

First of all, we entries in any hotel we expect someone who welcomes us for that purpose, in Khayyam’s front desk available 24 hours. Different types of rooms are available with various services. Some common facilities in each room include a Desk. The Internet is essential for everyone; that’s why free wifi is easily accessible here.

Khayyam hotel Faisalabad Lobby - Khayyam Hotel In Faisalabad

Some Guest rooms in Khayyam hotel equipped with a Flat LED screen and air conditioner. In Bathrooms, shower and free toiletries are part of rooms. If we are talking about Parking of the Hotel, then Free Parking is available, but if some guests need s private Parking, then they can arrange, but extra charges are the part of the bill. Parking is significant for any hotel. In Khayyam, hotel parking is available onsite so that we can park our vehicles easily.

Waiting room in Khayyam Hotel Faisalabad - Khayyam Hotel In Faisalabad
room in Khayyam Hotel Faisalabad - Khayyam Hotel In Faisalabad

In some rooms setting areas include so guests feel comfortable. Khayyam Hotel In Faisalabad provides the best meal services to his Guest 24 hours. As we know in all the hotel room services us the part of the accommodation, that’s why here in Khayyam room service is available. Guests in Khayyam can enjoy a halal breakfast here.  Some other facilities like Laundry, kids’ activities are part of the Khayyam Hotel in Faisalabad.

Khayyam hotel has a nonsmoking area. All the rooms are on the top floor, so the elevator helps to reach. One of the essential parts of any luxury hotel is the facilities related to meeting halls, conference halls or some other hall where we can arrange such events. In Khayyam hotel, Conference hall makes it easy for us to organize any promotional activity of a business meeting in a comfortable zoon

Charges of Rooms In Khayyam Hotel

Room charges information is important to know for everyone before making any decision. According to our research, the Standard room rent in Khayyam Hotel In Faisalabad is three thousand to four thousand Pakistani rupees per night. Different websites available for booking online, which plays an important role here.

Corre door of Khayyam hotel Faisalabad - Khayyam Hotel In Faisalabad

If we book through these online websites, we can get a discount. and provide us a facility to book any room with a double bed in Khayyam hotel Faisalabad in 22$ per night. Two guests stay in a single room. Khayyam Hotel Faisalabad prefers the cash delivery over a credit card.

We can online book in Khayyam hotel only by entering detail about the visit and then wait for the confirmation email that you provide during booking.

Staff of Khayyam Hotel Faisalabad

The staff of any hotel is the key point of the success of that Hotel. Staff members mostly contact the Guest, that’s why they are so important. In Khayyam hotel Faisalabad all staff is well trained, and they can professionally speak English and know how to handle gusts problem in different situations.

Hotel Staff of khayyam - Khayyam Hotel In Faisalabad

Important Notices For A Couple

If you are married, then this blog of text for you, Khayyam Hotel Faisalabad announced its policy related to married couples. Original ID Card and marriage certificates are necessary for check-in. Guests on arrival show photo ID and Credit card. All special events or requirements are arranged on extra charges applied. Inform the hotel Administration before coming in Hotel.

Notice for Maried Couple - Khayyam Hotel In Faisalabad

Famous Places Near Khayyam Hotel

When someone comes to Faisalabad, they try to explore the city in a short time. For that kind of Guest, famous places are necessary—some famous restaurants like Forks N Knives Pizza Kitchen, Bundoo Khan, and Hardees. For kids, some parks like Fun Dunya, Sind Bad, and other parks are available.

Rules Of Khayyam Hotel

Some Hotel decides some rules for visitors. Khayyam hotel Rules include some important points.

  • Pets are not allowed in Hotel
  • Only Cash Payment received
  • Capacity Of Rooms members are limited

Contact Detail Of Khayyam Hotel In Faisalabad

Contact No: 0321 7926562

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