Interesting Facts About Central Jail Faisalabad

Central Jail Faisalabad

Interesting Facts About Central Jail Faisalabad

Central Jail Faisalabad was built in 1967 and working initiated in 1967 on the first day of July 1971. The primary purpose of this jail is to confine long term prisoners of Faisalabad Region and related districts. It is a headquarter jail for Sub Central Jail Faisalabad staffers of the region. The jail was created in four regions of imprisonment in the province of Punjab stationed at Lahore, Rawalpindi, Multan and Faisalabad. Head of Central jail Faisalabad is the Superintendent of Central / Headquarter Jail Faisalabad to the regional Deputy inspector General of prisons in the year 2004.

Central Jail Faisalabad OUTSIDE VIEW - Interesting Facts About Central Jail Faisalabad

Family Rooms in Central Jail Faisalabad

Family rooms an entirely new idea in Pakistan. Those prisoners who are convicted long term at Central Jail Faisalabad. This idea was implemented in 2006. After completion of these family rooms, the decision is taken that those prisoners who have good behaviour will be facilitated to keep their wives with them for three days four time in a year. This Facility totally depends on her first actions which is observed by jail authorities and the District administration.

Industries In Central Jail Faisalabad

JAIL ROOMS - Interesting Facts About Central Jail Faisalabad

jobs For Prisoners Central Jail Faisalabad

As we know in other countries. In jail, prisoners earn money after doing different jobs in the same way in Central Jail Faisalabad Prisoners doing the job in various industries.


  • Jail Warder Uniform Tailoring / Stitching Unit
  • Phenyle Manufacturing Unit
  • Hospital Patients’ Blanket Weaving Unit
  • Prisoner Chadar Weaving Unit
  • Hospital Bed Sheet Weaving Unit
  • Carpet Knitting Unit
JAIL INDUSTRY - Interesting Facts About Central Jail Faisalabad

Facilities In Central Jail Faisalabad



Carrom board




Rehabilitation Center:


Mostly Prisoners are drug edict for such cases a Rehabilitation Center is established.



Some prisoners wanted to continue his education for these prisoners a school and library is established in Central Jail Faisalabad.


Medical Services:


Hospital is also established inside the jail where all necessary equipment is available with a complete

Laboratory. Severe cases are shifted in the hospital.

Total Prisoners In Central Jail Faisalabad:


The total number of convicted Prisoner in central Jail Faisalabad is 1,826. Condemned prisoners are 428 these 428 prisoners sentenced to death and all other remaining 1,082 under trial prisoner. More then, five hundred employed in the jail factory.

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