Hotel One In Faisalabad

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Hotel One In Faisalabad

In our blogs, we explore different hotels and their services for the guest point of view. In this way, we make it easy for guest to decide on selecting the best hotel during the stay in Faisalabad. Today we talk about Hotel One In Faisalabad room rates and All other details.

Hotel one In Faisalabad is starting his services in 2006 in Pakistan. In the starting phase, some cities are the host of this fantastic hotel but with time demand and reputation of hotel one increased day by day and now more than 15 branches established in different cities of Pakistan.

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These cities include Lahore, Islamabad, Multan, Muree, Faisalabad, Rahim Yar Khan, Abbottabad, Bahawalpur, DG khan, Shukkar, Naran and some other cities. In this blog, we targeted only one hotel on which is the Faisalabad branch of Hotel one.

Hotel one in Faisalabad is located near the railway station Faisalabad. We can reach after thirty minutes drive from the airport. If we can get estimated its distance from the clock tower Faisalabad the, it makes it easier for us. Hotel one five kilometres away from the clock tower. It means it is on perfect location if you are coming in Faisalabad for a business meeting or exploring Faisalabad.

Services in Hotel One Faisalabad

Quality service of any Hotel is the critical point of his success and popularity. Every hotel tries to provide all possible and reasonable facilities to his guest, so they give a useful public review. Hotel one facilities include 24 hours desk services which are very important for the quick response.

All rooms are entirely air conditioning, Free wifi and LED’s are the part of luxury rooms. Currency is the big problem if you are travelling from another country, that’s why currency exchange point is established in the hotel. For a business meeting, the conference hall is an essential part of a hotel. Laundry, free parking, newspaper and Food are the part of services available in Hotel one.

Corry door of hotel one - Hotel One In Faisalabad

In some hotels in Faisalabad, we observe Car parking is the main issue. Mostly people like to park their cars at a private parking place but due to low space different hotel charges for private parking But in hotel one we can get private parking without extra charges.

Room Types in Hotel One Faislabad

When we enter the hotel one, we have four possible situations regarding rooms selection. All these rooms are well equipped with furniture and all comfortable stuff, for maintaining the standard in the society, adding some extra features according to the room versions.

Deluxe King and Deluxe Twin

In Deluxe king room services includes two large king-size beds, Fully air conditioning, two single sofas, Writing desk, Private attach bathroom is the part of Deluxe rooms. Flat-screen is available for you, increasing the guest comfort level. In Delux twin, all the services are almost the same; the difference is in the deluxe room we have two single beds.

Rooms view in hotel one - Hotel One In Faisalabad


Suite rooms include some premium services for guest. As we know, Hotel One In Faisalabad is the four-star hotel so they can provide all the best services to guest and compete with the hotel business in the Faisalabad. When we get a suite package for room services, then we get some extra features. For example, in the Suite room, we get one single size bed with two single sofas and one double sofa with a corner table. One writing table with a chair is part of the suite room. Two flat screens in the suite room provide some extra comfort to the guests.

Room in hotel one - Hotel One In Faisalabad

Executive Rooms

The executive rooms are the last option we have available while selecting the room package in a hotel one. Suite and executive are similar all services but one difference in both are most expensive rooms are available here. Dressing mirror, Soundproof windows removed all noise from outside and provided complete comfort.


Restaurants in Hotel One


Food is the plus point for any hotel because if your guest goes outside for dinner or lunch, it means you are missing an opportunity of getting points. As a guest, I want to fulfil are requirements inside the hotel, then food restaurants are essential.

Restuarant in hotel one - Hotel One In Faisalabad

Kafe one is the hotel that provides the lunch, dinner and breakfast services to all guest inside the hotel. This hotel offers Asian dishes to its customers and review of the Food are excellent according to some top review sites. Some guests are from other countries they like Chinese Food or some other stuff for those guests Chingaari is the rooftop hotel which provides all dishes.

Conference Hall in Hotel One

The conference hall is the plus point of any hotel. In a business community, people select that hotel which has all possible and requires services for Conference. People want to take all business activities at a single place because people hesitate when they go outside and not confirm about the environment. Circle club Faisalabad, Serena hotel and other hotels focus on conference hall because they know the importance. In Hotel One In Faisalabad we have a perfect Conference hall for conducting a meeting in a comfortable zone.

Conference Hall in hotel one - Hotel One In Faisalabad

GYM in Hotel one

Healthy activities make your life ore perfect; that’s why most people join the gym for making them perfect. Workout in the gym is becoming the habit of most people, and they want to gym no matter they are on business tour are holidays. For this purpose, a small gym is established inside the hotel one so anyone workout without going outside. Mostly equipment which is used for a regular exercise like running machines and other equipment are available.

GYM in hotel one - Hotel One In Faisalabad

Transport Service From Hotel One

Some guest has nit their transport, that’s why the hotel provides the services of pickup from airport or any point. This transport considers as additional services it means guest to pay for this transport to the hotel. Due to these services Hotel one finds into the top five hotels in Faisalabad.

Booking online Facility

Different web sites provide the facility to all guest to book the room online. We can only fill the form and then put all the check-in details. After checking the availability of the room, the administration or website runner contact you for further detail. It makes it easy for everyone to take advantage of the digital world. If someone wants to book directly then at the end of the article, we provide the contact detail of Hotel one. You can call and ask any query related to Hotel One Faisalabad Room Rates. 

Hotel one room - Hotel One In Faisalabad

Rules of Hoel One

Every hotel makes some rules for security reasons and creating a disciplinary situation in the hotel. Some important states are given below.

  1. First rules are related to check-in and check out time. According to the instruction, check-in time is 14:00 and Check-Out time is 12:00
  2. ID card is necessary at the time of check-in for identification.
  3. Pets are not allowed in the hotel area.
  4. You can pay the bill with a credit card, but a visa or master card is allowed.
  5. Pay all the bill of stay at check-in time
  6. If someone has special requests or services, the additional charges may apply.

Contact Detail About Hotel One In Faisalabad

hotel one Faisalabad address

99-C Near D-Ground, People’s Colony No 1, Faisalabad, Pakistan

Tel: (+9241) 8543255-61

Fax: (+92345) 4831418


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