Gumti Water Fountain Faisalabad

Gumti Water fountain

Gumti Water Fountain Faisalabad

Faisalabad is a historical city of Pakistan. Gumti Water Fountain Faisalabad is one of the best historical places in Faisalabad. Gumti water fountain was built during the British Raj. It was built during the nineteenth century (1827). The purpose of Gumti was to make a meeting place of the city folk with the locals .

This Gumti Water Fountain Faisalabad structure still exists in his original form, and it was turned into a circle for traffic with a fountain that is still working at the centre. Gumti water fountain Faisalabad is the busiest place in Faisalabad; that’s why it must be cleaned every night. It is a great heritage to showcase the history of the British raj. Its situated opposite to the opposite site Qaisri gate and neat the clock tower Faisalabad. This building has a history inside himself. One hundred twenty-seven year back for observing the British raj, the queen Victoria visit Layylpur.

gumti water fountain - Gumti Water Fountain Faisalabad

Gumti Water Fountain Faisalabad Idea

qaseri gate - Gumti Water Fountain Faisalabad

For the warm welcome of queen Victoria, the Rulers decide to build a great building of Gumti water fountain. With the passage of time, the British raj ended, and the colours of gomti also faded down. In different decades the different governments take care of this heritage. For securing the gumti hurdle around the gumti area was also built. If we are talking about doors of Gumti then for you information Gumti water fountain have eight doors.

In history, the fountain of Gumti Water Fountain Faisalabad shows a beautiful view. Every one hangs about one mint during passing near the gumti water fountain. Gumti stands on sixteen Pillars, and the beautiful curve roof is also attractive. Gumti have twelve stairs which became shorter with the time and negligence of Government.

After passing many decades, Gumti Water Fountain is still I sign of Faisalabad across the country. I suggest everyone should visit Faisalabad, please don’t miss to see Gumti Fountain and other historic place in Faisalabad.

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