Lyallpur Museum In Faisalabad

Faisalabad Lyallpur Museum

Lyallpur Museum In Faisalabad

The establishment of Lyallpur Museum in Faisalabadwas started in 2010, and it was completed in 2013. The history and culture of different areas of Sandal Bar are preserved in it. Sandal Bar highlights the historical importance of Area between River Ravi and Chenab. Lyallpur Museum in Faisalabad consists of ten different galleries. In these galleries, all objects are displayed in order. These galleries are orientation gallery, sandal bar gallery, regional archaeological heritage gallery, Mughal to British heritage gallery, Chenab colony gallery, Lyallpur gallery thought and act gallery, social beauty gallery, textile gallery, Pakistan movement gallery. Here we see all the galleries in short notes so we can know about each gallery.

Here we see all galleries  of Laylllpur Museum in short notes so we take a loot at each gallery.

Galleries in Lyallpur Museum In Faisalabad

Orientation Gallery


When we enter the gallery first of all we see in the first gallery The different periods of history are depicted on a wall through mural which itself tells the historic and cultural story from stone-age to Lyallpur’s historical building called Gumti. Here we are able to see the map of Pakistan then Faisalabad and in the same sequence until towns of the city. Arial view of Faisalabad is also a part of the presentation.

Sandal bar Gallery


In this gallery, we see the Rocks with reference names are placed. Flora and Fauna, local culture through a model of Village, Tribal games, and Mysticism are displayed aesthetically. There are over 350 species of birds of this area. There are some stuffed birds which are entertaining the viewers


Regional archaeological heritage Gallery


The archaeological heritage gallery encompasses artifacts from the Stone Age period to the Sultanate period. Seventy-eight archaeological sites and monuments are displayed through photographs on ceramic tiles which were documented by the Punjab survey in 1994-1995. Carving models of Chiniot, Ceramics of the ancient era, Beads, and Coins are kept for exhibition. The most notable bronze Cauldron with Sanskrit (Brahmic) Inscription on its shoulder, which found from Shorkot is also the part of the display.

Mughal to British heritage Gallery

In this part of the gallery an attractive model of SULTAN BAHU Tomb and the architectural parts of ancient monuments with beautiful designs are exhibited. Manuscripts of Mughal period, metal wares, Papier Mache objects and Lacquer work on wood, different war weapons of British and Sikh periods are also displayed. The photos which tell the story of Sandal Bar. There are also photographs reflecting folk tales of this area.

Chenab colony Gallery

In the Chenab colony gallery Lower Chenab Colony, Railway and Canal system which were made in the British period are shown with the help of a big map. Photographs of the Chiniot Railway Bridge can be seen in this gallery. Before Lyallpur, this area was known as “Pakka Marri”. English government made the Chenab colony on four acres. There is also a model and map of the lower Chenab colony in this gallery which explains the initial stages of this colony.

Lyallpur Gallery

In this gallery the ancient maps, land contracts, development phases of Lyallpur, housing, planning, notifications, documents and initial settlements of Lyallpur.


Thought and act Gallery


In this gallery, The pictures of historical buildings which were constructed in the British period, are displayed in this gallery. The paintings of selected personalities related to Sandal Bar are displayed in four categories like Resistance, Creativity, Development and Religion.


Social beauty Gallery


This gallery tells the history of different old professions. Goldsmith, Blacksmith and potter tools are exhibited. The photographs of important personalities from various professions, who are associated with Sandal bar are displayed. There is also a view of local and ancient mountain of Shahkot, where a lion and a goat miraculously come to drink water.


Textile Gallery


The introduction of Faisalabad is incomplete without mentioning the textile industry. The different handmade traditional textile objects are displayed in this gallery of Layylmpu Museum Faisalabad. The textile tools like spinning wheel, carding gin, rolling manual machine, carpet making small model and Khadi and specimens of woven cloths are displayed to demonstrate ancient traditions of the textile industry.


Pakistan movement Gallery in Lyallpur Museum In Faisalabad


The photographs of leaders who participated in the Pakistan Movement are exhibited in this gallery. The Arfa Kareem’s (youngest Microsoft certified, Fatima Jinnah Gold Medalist) collections are the prominent part of this gallery. The model of Arches of Independence from the office of All India Muslim League Montgomery Bazar Lyallpur where Quaid-i-Azam visited in 1942 is displayed in this gallery.

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Timing Detail of Lyallpur Museum In Faisalabad

Monday 9AM – 4PM
Tuesday 9AM – 4PM
Wednesday 9AM – 4PM

Thursday 9AM – 4PM
Friday 9AM – 4PM
Saturday 9AM – 4PM

The gallery is closed on Sunday. we recommends you 1h and thirty minutes.

Thursday 9AM – 4PM
Friday 9AM – 4PM
Saturday 9AM – 4PM

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