Faisalabad International Airport

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Faisalabad International Airport

Faisalabad, formerly known as Lyallpur is the third-largest city in Pakistan and second largest in Punjab. It was renamed as Faisalabad in the honour of King Faisal of Saudia Arabia. The city is also known as the Manchester of Pakistan due to the industrial revolution and centre of Pakistan. Faisalabad only has one airport right now. However, due to the increase in international airlines and passenger, the Faisalabad Chamber of Commerce and Industries has planned to build another airport on the motorway which will handle more passengers. 

Faisalabad International Airport located on Jhang Road is a standby Pakistan Airforce military base and public airport that handles domestic and international flights. The airport serves many cities adjacent to Faisalabad and allows people to travel abroad. It is also home to two flying training schools that train the new cadets and serve as the training ground for aviation enthusiasts. 

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General Name Faisalabad Airport

Local Language Name فیصل آباد بین الاقوامی ہوائی اڈا

Type Public

Location Jhang Road, 10 kilometres south-west from the city centre of 




Airfield System Category-I

Owner Government of Pakistan

Operator Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority

Maintenance services Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) and Shaheen Airport Service   


Serves Faisalabad, Tandlianwala, Jaranwala, Jhang, Chiniot, Gojra,     

Samundri, Okara, Hafizabad, Sahiwal, Toba Tek Singh, Pir Mahal

Access Car, Taxi, Bus, Rickshaw

History of Faisalabad International Airport

Ealy years


The history of Faisalabad International Airpot goes back to British raj. It was decided on that time that the city has a strong position between South Asia and the British Empire. Therefore, in 1942, the official agreement of construction of the airport was approved by the local government. The initial construction started off on a bricked strip measuring 5000 by 100 ft.  Later, the airport played an important role during the independence era of fighting and evacuation. 


After Independence of Pakistan 


After gaining independence from the British, Faisalabad joined Pakistan. The PIA was the flag carrier at that time and it began its flight operation in Faisalabad Airport in 1958. Initially, it was used for public flights to Karachi and cargo export services. 

    • 1965 The runaway was rebuilt with much better concrete and expanded by 9000 by 100ft to meet the requirements of bigger jets. 
    • 1966-1967 The terminal was built along with apron to host aircraft as Fokker F-27 Friendship.  
    • 1972 Another parallel runway was built to the west of exiting runaway at Faisalabad International Airport. It was designed to handle the jet-fueled aircraft because the old runaway deteriorated with time. 
    • 1974 Air traffic control tower, Jet Apron Taxiway-B and Met Office were built. 
    • 1985 premium lounge added and Instrument Landing System (ILS) was installed. 
    • 1986 The terminal space was extended to host more passengers 
    • 1991 old runway was renovated to accommodate modern standards and expanded to almost 9270 by 150ft. 
    • 1993 Again terminal lounge was extended with new business class CIP Lounges.
faisalabad international airport outside view - Faisalabad International Airport
  • 1998 Hajj operations started. 
  • 2003 twice a week flight operation to Dubai launched by Aero Asia International.
  • 2005 PIA started a direct flight to Scotland, Glasgow with Airbus A310. 
  • 2007 PIA first HAjj operation. 
  • 2008 flights to Sialkot launched along with more flights to Dubai 
  • 2009 Flights to Abu Dhabi and Rahim Yar Khan 
  • 2010 Flights to Bahawalpur 
  • 2011 Shaheen Airlines started Hajj operations and Eithehad connected to Lahore. 
  • 2013 the flights to Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Multan halted due to no aircraft available by PIA. later launched their operation in October. 
  • 2014 Air Indus started its operations. 
  • 2015 Expansion plans started. Air Arabia, FlyDubai, Gulf Air and Turkish Airlines started their operations of flights to different cities internationally.
  • 2016 PIA launched more flights to Jeddah, Islamabad and Multan. 
  • 2017 Shaheen Air returned and started domestic and international fights operation. Serene Air also launched domestic flights. 
  • 2018 New expanded terminal was inaugurated by the Prime Minister. Moreover, more international flights were launched by Shaheen Air. 
  • 2019 PIA resumed its flights to Dubai using Airbus A320 trice a week. 

Runway Of Faisalabad International Airport

The runway of Faisalabad International Airport was inaugurated in 1972 for handling jet aircraft. Later in 1991, the CAA decided to strengthen the runaway to handle larger aircraft of PIA. It also renovated in 2015 to meet the requirements of Boeing 777. Currently, the dimension of the runway is 9,272 ft × 151 ft (2,826 m × 46 m). 

  • 03 Coordinates: N31°21.30′ / E72°59.21′ 
  • Elevation 587 
  • Runway Heading 034° 
  • 21 Coordinates:    N31°22.53′ / E73°0.26′
  • Elevation 591
  • Runway Heading 214
  • Direction 03/21
  • Length 2826 meters (9270 ft)
  • Width 46m (151ft)
  • Surface Concrete Bitumen
  • Compatible Boeing 767 & Airbus A300 & Boeing 777
History of Faislabad International Airport - Faisalabad International Airport

Faisalabad International Airport Aircraft Facilities

  • Airfield lighting System Category-I
  • Instrument Landing System Category-I
  • ATC during Operation hours
  • Meteorology Forecasting Station
  • NDB operation round the clock
  • PSO Fuel Services (Jet A-100)
  • Custom and Immigration for International Flights
  • Fire fighting and Rescue Services
Faislabad International Airport inside view - Faisalabad International Airport

Faisalabad International Airport Airlines

  • Pakistan International Airlines    ( Domestic & International )
  • Shaheen Air International  ( Domestic & International )
  • Air Arabia ( International )
  • Gulf Air  ( International )
  • Qatar Airways International 
  • FlyDubai International 
  • Serene Air Domestic

Faisalabad International Airport Cargo Services 


  • Star Air Aviation Domestic 
  • TCS Courier Domestic



Faisalabad International Airport has multiple lounges for hosting passengers and their seating capacity is mentioned below: 

  • Briefing Hall 10 Seats
  • Arrival Lounge 16 Seats
  • Executive Lounge 20 Seats
  • CIP Lounge 24 Seats
  • Concourse Hall 64 Seats
  • Departure Lounge 270 Seats


All of the lounges at Faisalabad Airport has facilities of air-conditioned space, water and snack stalls, ladies and gents restroom and also a sperate area for prayer. There are any more services that one can take benefit from during the stay at Faisalabad International Airport which you can see in the below section. 


Faisalabad International Airport Services


  • Executive & CIP Lounge
  • Briefing & Concourse Hall
  • Currency Exchange Services 
  • Serena Hotel Counter In Arrival Lounge
  • Sania Enterprises Wrapping Company
  • Porter Service
  • Prayer Areas
  • Indoor Solution System By M/S Warid Tel & Ufone
  • Tv Network And Internet Wi-fi Facilities
  • Refreshment Counters And Gift Shops
  • Mobile Charging Stand By M/S United Mobile In Departure Lounge
  • (ATM) Allied Bank Ltd
  • Passenger Trolleys
  • Wheelchair Access 

Faisalabad Flying Training Institutes  


  • Air Academy of Pakistan
  • Shaheen Air Flying Training School (SAFTS)

Faisalabad Airport Address & Helpline Number 

Address: Jhang Road, 10 kilometres (6.2 mi) south-west from the city Centre of Faisalabad.

Toll-free Number: 0800-00114

UAN: 111-222-114

CAA EXCHANGE 041- 9201595, 9201598, 9200129, 9200130, 9200131, 2577842, 2577843

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