Faisalabad Clock Tower History-Faisalabad Famous Places

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Faisalabad Clock Tower History-Faisalabad Famous Places

The British people as left an amazing artwork and magnificent architect designs in the buildings of Pakistan. Faisalabad which is the third-largest city of Pakistan owns the presence of the clock tower which is standing alone around the eight bazaars of Faisalabad. This clock tower has the Urdu version also as “Ghanta Ghar”. The ex-name of Faisalabad was Lyallpur and this city came into existence in the last decade of 19th century. Faisalabad Clock Tower History have lot of information which is hidden from us here we are to explain them

The Faisalabad Clock Tower is the oldest memory which still exists in Faisalabad and its consider the sign of Faisalabad City The foundation of the majestic Clock Tower was laid on 14 November 1903 by the British lieutenant governor of Punjab Sir Charles Riwaz and local landlord which is belonging to the Mian Family of Abdullahpur. The advice of Built a clock tower is given by Depti commissioner jhang Captin Bak. His design is created by Ganga Ram.  Its Built in the memory of Queen Victoria. In the Clock tower, unique material is used. One example of material is the red stone is used in clock tower is brigs from 50 Km away Sangla hill city. The clock tower has 4 levels and his height is 100 meters. Stairs are used to reach each level. Watch on clock tower is bring from Mumbai.

Faisalabad Clock Tower History includes his Care taker of Clock Tower is Muhammad Azam and he perform his duty from previous 25 years Clock tower is the centre of eight bazar. These Bazar are known as The Eight bazaars of Faisalabad are called: Aminpur bazaar, Katchery bazaar, Karkhana bazaar, Jhang bazaar, Bhawana bazaar, Rail bazaar, Chiniot bazaar and Mintgumry bazaar.

Faisalabad Clock Tower View

Found of the Project is collected as RS.18 per square meter and handed to municipal commute. The concept of clock tower comes from “Jack Union” . That’s why we can see all bazars from clock tower. At any special event like Eid or any other Mare of city deliver a speech and Hand a flag at his top. We hope you like our blog related to Faisalabad Clock Tower History.

It is a not only the center of city but also a center of all activities in Faisalabad like in election period each political party try his best to deliver his idea at the place. In 2010 city council decide to protect this historic place and make a border stone and Iron.

The aerial view of this Clock Tower looks like the Union Jack flag of the United Kingdom. You can view this by downloading the app of Google Maps. When the sun sets and the darkness spread all over, then the electric lights are turned on of this clock tower. These lights are focus on the each design, each brick and each number and needles of the clock. This tower has four clocks. The tower is located in a roundabout position, at the junction 8 bazaars. During political decision season, each ideological group attempts to hold rallies at this spot. The equivalent is accomplished for all shows.

The focal convention of Eid e Milad and a greatest parade of Moharram is additionally held at Ghanta Ghar every year. It is a symbol of Faisalabad that portrays a great recognition of Faisalabad city. It is also of a by-gone era. Its four sides, with engravings and writings in four unique languages help us to remember a socially rich and differing society previously. When the nation was managed by the British and Muslims, Hindus and Sikhs existed together calmly. The clock tower and the bazaars around it are must to visit so that you can discover the amazing things to buy.

Faisalabad Famous Places

Faisalabad has a collection of Famous places and all kind of stuff we can find here easily. These Famous places include Shopping malls, Parks, Cinemas, Swimming pools, Stadiums and many more. In this website, we try our best to explore all places to you and someone outside the Faisalabad city gets a good impact when he comes in Faisalabad or searches our beautiful city on google. You can find all Famous places in Faisalabad only clicking the links. If you want to know about the best shopping mall in Faisalabad and which type of services they provide now its no problem to know because you can get info only visiting out blogs.

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