Faisal Hospital In Faisalabad

Faisal Hospital In Faisalabad

Faisal Hospital In Faisalabad

Faisalabad is the growing day by day population point of view and huge number patients comes from other cities. That’s why bigger and more appropriate hospitals becomes the need of city. As we already discuss about Allied Hospital Faisalabad now we discuss Faisal hospital In Faisalabad.

Faisal Hospital is a private hospital located on Canal Bank Road, that is serving the people of Faisalabad and surroundings with a panel of 100 + consultants from specialists and sub-specialists sectors and offers services in all branches of medical. Every consulting doctor is well-reputed and skilled in his field and treats patients with the utmost care. They all are contributing to uplift the community’s health status with their skills and positive attitude. Faisal Hospital In Faisalabad aims to fulfill societal needs and eliminate human suffering with the help of skilled health professionals and contribute to the wellness of society.

You can find every bit of detail of Faisal Hospital FSD here in this article and help you understand more about the hospital.

Appointment Details Of Faisal Hospital

Appointment is the one of the bigger problem is many circumstances. Because when you are dealing with a series or normal disease on that time appointment process make you tired. Faisal Hospital stays open 24/7 and you can get an appointment at a specific time depending on the doctor you are consulting, otherwise, emergency services are available around the clock. To book an appointment or visit directly Faisal Hospital (Faisalabad), below is the necessary information:

Appointment Booking Time: 9 AM to 11 PM

Consultation Fee: 500-3000 Rupess

Address: 673-A, Canal Bank Road, Peoples Colony, Faisalabad

Contact No#: 0418719678

Departments In Faisal Hospital

Department in any hospital are the shorted information about all specialist doctors and available treatments. We can get an idea easily from departments about all facilities inside hospital.  You can get the list of all departments in Faisal hospital Faisalabad.

  • Cancer Specialist / Oncologist
  • Cardiologist
  • Clinical Nutritionist
  • Cosmetic Surgeon
  • Dentist
  • Dermatologist
  • Dietitian/Nutritionist
  • Ent Specialist
  • Eye Specialist
  • Gastroenterologist
  • General Physician
  • General Surgeon
  • Gynecologist
  • Nephrologist
  • Neurologist
  • Oral And Maxillofacial Surgeon
  • Orthopedic Surgeon
  • Pathologist
  • Pediatric Surgeon
  • Pediatrician
  • Physiotherapist
  • Plastic Surgeon
  • Psychiatrist
  • Psychologist
  • Pulmonologist / Lung Specialist
  • Rheumatologist
  • Sexologist

Doctors in Faisal hospital

Doctors are the backbone of any hospital and are responsible for making sure every patient that walks through the hospital door gets their treatment and leaves with better health. Faisal Hospital In Faisalabad has nearly 100 consultants comprising of every field. However, we will only write about the top doctors working in Faisal Hospital Faisalabad and their relevant online details so you can contact them online. They are as follows:

Waqas Shabbir


Seerat Khursheed

Physical Therapist

Subhan Ullah


Dr. Subhan


Dr. Muhammad Usman


Dr. Khalid Parvez Babar




Muhammad Arshad Badar

Maxillofacial Surgeon

Dr. Abdullah Saeed

Bariatric Surgeon

Dr. Adnan Akbar 


Prof. Dr. Ahmad Farooq 


Dr. Farhad Alam

Orthopedic Surgeon

Services in Faisal Hospital

After the discussion of Departments and doctors of Faisal Hospital In Faisalabad now we try to list down all available services which w can get from Faisal hospital. Faisalabad Hospital has both outpatient and inpatient facilities and offers the following services to the people with the help of most professional and qualified doctors in the relevant field.

  • 3D ultrasound
  • Ventilators
  • Digital X-rays
  • Operation theater
  • Pharmacy
  • Specialist OPDs
  • Surgery
  • Pediatrics
  • Orthopedics
  • Gynae/obs
  • ENT and Eye
  • Peads
  • ICU
  • Neonatal ICU
  • Medical ICU
  • Emergency services

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