Success journey of a 28 Years Pakistani Entrepreneur Muhammad Shahzaib Aslam in the field of IT & Software Development.

Entrepreneur Muhammad Shahzaib Aslam

Success journey of a 28 Years Pakistani Entrepreneur Muhammad Shahzaib Aslam in the field of IT & Software Development.

Muhammad Shahzaib Aslam an entrepreneur living in Pakistan is known for his accomplishments in field of IT & Software Development. He is of aim that “Pakistani for Pakistan”. He is trying to retain Pakistani IT talent in Pakistan.

Muhammad Shahzaib Aslam’s accomplishment

A successfully emerging native of Pakistan, named as Muhammad Shahzaib Aslam, who, in his youth, paved a path for himself into Information technology. His vision is quite clear “To promote IT in Pakistan”. He is quite well famous for his procurement and scuffle in mastering the IT & Software Development. He outstretched so far, just with a mere inception, that today, in digital world, many knows him or his company SAR ZONE. He reached to his inflated point of, magnificence at the age of just 28. What did he do to Attain so much? Of course, he dreamt, and he aimed.


That gives an upsurge to a question in my mind, is it plausible to continue ahead. Just by holding a trifling dream? Well, Muhammad Shahzaib Aslam himself is an answer to my very question. Just by manipulating a dream, and follows where it takes you, without dithering and thinking twice. That’s quite veritable isn’t it?


What he procured was more then what anyone of his age could. You are all thinking, how can someone do so much? With crucifixion? With diligent? Yup, but to him, something mattered even more, believing in yourself. That’s what he did.


Enduring all this wrestle to have what? A dream life, what one would want more then this. But Muhammad Shahzaib Aslam, the uprising and emerging entity, did not just grappled for himself, but for everyone who craved for it. . He did not just succeeded for his dream life, also, he offered others with vacancy to become what he is, to have what he has.


This achievements in this online world did not gifted him with just avail but too, respect, and admiration which he was given by the acolytes who fancies him and adores him. If you adores him too, that make two of us, no offense.


When I happened to know about his life accomplishments, my thought drifted on his age. Don’t you guys find it intriguing about his so brief age and elevated attainments? That is awesome assortment. He came all the way without forfeiting ambition, what’s does it seizes to go on? Other than dream, enthusiasm and arduous work, and believing in yourself which he had all of above, and here he is, that everyone in this digitized world comprehends him.


What are his achievements?


Muhammad Shahzaib Aslam is currently Chief Executive Officer at SAR ZONE, one of the well reputed company in the business of IT. He has multiple Projects on his credit for example:

  • Project ARD Islamabad Police as IT Consultant
  • Gatwala Commercial Hub as HOD & Consultant IT
  • Diamond Pak Poultry as Consultant IT
  • Gwadar Institute of Technology as Consultant IT
  • Selfi Art World as Chief Technical Officer

There are other multiple projects which are successfully going under his supervision. He is of the view that IT should be accessible for all in Pakistan so that Pakistanis can get the benefit what first world Countries are getting.


What he thinks of the world?


His opinions on the other hand, played function in his achievements. What’s he deemed about world was quite tremendous and sympathetic. “World is now digitized and proximate, which demands nothing but ever lasting hard work until there is no world left”. That’s what he thought. In this tricky world, ,satisfying these provisions is not something every one can do but I am jotting down about some one who just  did that. I found that relatively interesting. What will we get after all this? An elevated point of acclaim and foreordain peak of prosperity. Yeah. Banking on debates and hurdles.


Enlightening Muhammad Shahzaib Aslam’s background.


Muhammad Shahzaib Aslam, was born on 1st of October 1993 in Faisalabad. He was hailed and raised in a humble family, receiving his basic education in Faisalabad and higher education from Islamabad. He aimed for something lofty; he, who had a thirst of success, started a company in September 2015 to work on IT. Every one in IT world knows it as SAR ZONE.


That was a belligerent in origination, when he had nothing to invest in his business. When everyone in his family opposed, he was all alone, without anyone backing him for his aims. He was on his own. Commencing tuitions, he saturated his income in SAR ZONE, by cutting his needs. This isn’t easy to do. Is it? He was asked of is unanticipated commute of mind, and reason of this dissimilar decision.  All he replied was “It should be Pakistani for Pakistan and in IT I can bring this change” even after all of negative retaliation he kept working hard, Earning and investing.


His efforts regarding SAR ZONE.


SAR ZONE was in struggling vogue until 2017, when it was approved for a project, in which Muhammad Shahzaib Aslam was an IT consultant. That allowed him to invigorate a profile and status. This was the time when he started capturing clients and attention which resulted in growth of the company.


His crusades:


Abstraction of IT is little disrupt in Pakistan, that also affected SAR ZONE, cause, IT is scrutinized a Luxuries Item or Scam.


He intended to change this opinion of people. He yearns people to take IT as necessity not luxury. Because, this world is revoltuning around IT, and looking down on IT made Pakistan out of the race with foreign countries. He wants to plight this vision of people of Pakistan so Pakistan can catch up in the race.


His aim


His cardinal aim is to capture the local talent. What he said was quite authentic “I want to utilize young talents, because when potential of Pakistan goes to foreign land, the foreigners get advantaged. So what if we capture this talent in Pakistan? It will promote the name of Pakistan in Terms of IT and Development “this was the aim he followed all along his journey. That was his aim to weight potential and to make Pakistan a recognizable name in the market of IT & Software Development.


What I want is to groom the market of IT in my on motherland, to take it to a point, where we can exchange our software not our developers with foreign countries. So we can proudly say that this Software is made in Pakistan, we are functioning in Pakistan” ~ Muhammad Shahzaib Aslam.


His massage to new comers is simple see problems as opportunities, solving one problem is equal to one new product which can earn you good bread and butter.


Muhammad Shahzaib Aslam can be reached out on Facebook by user name @mshahzaibaslam and for Instagram its @muhammadshahzaibaslam. can be visited to check SAR ZONE.

What last long; won’t come easy

What comes easy; won’t last tong

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