About Fast NU Chiniot-Faisalabad Campus

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National University of Computer & Emerging Sciences Chiniot – Faisalabad Situated at the junction of Pakistan’s industrial hub—Faisalabad and the historically rich city of Chiniot in suburbs of River Chenab, the Chiniot – About Fast NU Chiniot-Faisalabad Campus is the 5th campus of the university. We are here to deliver information About Fast NU Chiniot-Faisalabad Campus.

National University of Computer & Emerging Sciences Chiniot – Faisalabad symbolizes the desirable connect between nature and industry and between tradition and modernity. Its picturesque surroundings in the outskirts of Pakistan’s Manchester, the home to the textile industry, represent human advancement from agrarian to industrial and technological society.

The campus is located on 22 acres of land on Faisalabad Sargodha Road (about 9 km from Faisalabad Motorway interchange towards Chiniot). The University aims at making this campus a center of excellence in the application of information and communication technology in the agriculture and textile industries.

Departments Of National University of Computer & Emerging Sciences Chiniot – Faisalabad Campus (FAST):

Department Of Computer Science:


FAST-NU is known for its Computer Science. At the Department of Computer Science, we endeavor to inculcate the latest knowledge in our students. We welcome our new students with an open heart. Our programs are designed to be intellectually challenging and demanding.


Programs Offer:


Bachelor Of Computer Science

Bachelor Of Software Engineering

Masters In Computer Science

Department Of Electrical Engineering:


FAST-NU is a renowned institution of higher education, recognized for its teaching excellence and distinguished research in Electrical Engineering.

Department of Electrical Engineering is imparting the finest knowledge and training among our students who will be the engineers of tomorrow.


Programs Offer:


Bachelor Of Science and Electric Engineering

Master In Science and Electrical Engineering

Department Of Fast School and Management:


FAST School of Management takes immense pride in its state of the art and enabling the infrastructural and pedagogical environment. Extensive institutional investment in academics, personality grooming, and professional promptitude of the students is the hallmark of FSM.


Programs Offer:


Bachelor Of Business Administration

Masters Of Business Administration

Department Of Science And Humanities


For more than three decades, FAST National University of Computer & Emerging Sciences has served as our nation’s flagship institution of higher education. The University is advancing the tradition of excellence in Science and Technology.





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About Fast NU Chiniot-Faisalabad Campus:

Contact Number:

92 (041) 9230081-90


FAST-NU, FAST Square, 9 Km from Faisalabad Motorway Interchange towards Chiniot



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