D ground Park Faisalabad


D ground Park Faisalabad

In the middle of 1950, the government decided to build a Commercial are for different business communities. The government decided to make the land lying 5 km northeast of city centre to convert into a new residential area. This area was named D ground Park Faisalabad and Peoples Colony was designed to be one of the primary central markets of the colony. Peoples colony has an estimated area of 11 km square. This is a complete package with a D ground Park Faisalabad for the Residential.

Inside D Ground Park:

Here first we see the Inside a park and then take a look on Outside the D ground park which facilities are available to us. Inside D ground park we have two parts of the complete ground. First part Includes Radio Astation Faisalabad and second part of the ground is a green area. Where we see a perfect track for jogging.

D ground Minare pakistan model - D ground Park Faisalabad

D ground park is a complete representation of Pakistan because it shows different symbolic models of places which are a great history or importance for every Pakistani. These Symbolic models incudes Minare Pakistan, Quaid-e-Azam Tomb, Hose of Quaid-e-Azam and many more. Children know about his country when they come here for a picnic.

The mosque is also available here for prayer with all kinds of facilities like washroom and others. On the entrance, gate canteen is established, so no one needs to go outside for anything. Police 15 office is built with the D ground, so if anyone faces any problem, they help on time because its a commercial is so everyone needs protection.

Families are coming here for spending time like other parks in Faisalabad is used. Benches are installed in all ground, different kinds of flowers increase the beauty of the ground.

Outside D ground Park Faisalabad :

The design of D ground is Like the English word “D”. D ground Faisalabad is a Commercial area of Faisalabad. Here we have all banks branches like HBL, Allied, Punjab and many more. Shopping malls, Fast food as well as Desi food and Typical Punjabi nashata also available here.

D ground Quaid azam model - D ground Park Faisalabad

D ground Park Faisalabad track is used for arranging different festivals like Auto show which is organised by Pak wheel also done here. One plaza is incomplete due to some reasons which are known as Paradise D ground. So this D ground park is surrounding with all facilities which are needed for everyone in daily life no one need to go anywhere. During the month of Ramzan before both Eid’s, a large but temporary Eid market is set up by locals. these new markets have all atems for Eid’s shopping including, shoes, bangles, costumes, dresses, decorative ornaments,  and sweets.

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