Baba Noor Shah Wali Faisalabad

Baba Noor Shah Wali Faisalabad

Baba Noor Shah Wali Faisalabad

Islam is the biggest religion in Pakistan. More then 90 per cent people are Muslim here that’s why Sifieazam is the most significant factor of spreading factor of Islam in this region. Today we are here to telling the history of the tomb of Baba Noor Shah Wali Faisalabad.

Before starting Baba Syed Noor Shah Wali, we tried to discover the importance of such respectful personalities in Pakistan. Sufism is the source of spreading Islam in Pakistan; many people belives in such characters and pray for them for different problems solutions. All over Pakistan, we see a considerable number of shrines where people celebrate annual functions.

If we talk about Sufism in Pakistan, then people are divided into two different categories. In the first Category of Sufism, people are known as populist. In this Category, people believe the interaction through saints, veneration of their shrines and forming bonds with a saint. In the second Category of Sufism intellectual Sufism involved. This Sufism mostly famous in urban and educated persons.

Sufism in pakistan - Baba Noor Shah Wali Faisalabad

History of Baba Syed Noor Shah Wali

Tomb of Baba Noor Shah Wali is four hundred years old, and it is located at Pakki Mari near General bus stand Faisalabad. A considerable number of visitors visit the shrine on Thursday night and perform different religion activities. According to the history tellers, Baba Noor Shah Wali comes from some Arabic country and stay on these places where this Tomb now exists. This religious personality establishes a massive well for water reservation and then provide to all other travellers in the form of groups.

In these ways, they can spread Islam in this area of Pakistan. In starting days, there is only one grave here but with the passage of time people starting living here and make this a form of the colony. After the death of Bab Noor Shah wali, people made a tomb here and performed an annual function named as “Uras” every year. This traditional Event celebrated three days continuously every year in July. At this time Tomb is surrounding with a graveyard people like to bury their loves in this graveyard.

Structure of Baba Syed Noor Shah wali Tomb

The Tomb of Baba Noor Shah Wali Faisalabad is 400 years old that why we see here mostly, the structure is ancient architecture. First of all, different stalls are found outside the Tomb, which provides flowers and some other material related to food because Visitors like to serve food to other inside shrines. When we enter inside the shrine, we see a mosque on the right side for performed prayed and the in the front hall of Jnaz Gah is available. On the left side of this hall front door of Darbar is established.

enterence door of noor shah wali faisalabad - Baba Noor Shah Wali Faisalabad

Two doors are built for entrance, but due to security reasons, one is closed for a specific period, before entering two young boys spraying some perfume which makes a perfect smell. After entering, we see the grave of Baba Syed Noor shah wali and people waiting for their term to pray and touches the grave. Some people like to recite Hoy Quran on setting around the grave. For women, a specific area of Darbar is decided where they can efficiently, and comfortably perform their religious activities.

Annual Function At Baba Syed Noor Shah Wali Faisalabad

Every year thousands of people come from all over Pakistan. In July every year, this event happened. Tomb of Baba Noor Shah Wali Faisalabad washed with rose water, and a floral wreath was laid on the grave. Different types of food are distributed here, which is free of cost. This food is known as “Langer” according to the visitors because they fell in this way they survey poor people. This Event continues for three days, and in these days security of Tomb is high alert because we know the terrorist attacks are mostly made on Darbar.

Its all about belives because we know it’s the twenty-first century and all disease has a medical treatment, but some people believe that is they have some problem then after visiting Tomb of Baba Noor Shah Wali Faisalabad, they can recover quickly. During the spiritual sittings, seminars and Mehfil-e-Samaa will be held in the Baba Syed Noor Shah Wali Tomb.

inside view of Baba Syed Noor Shah Wali - Baba Noor Shah Wali Faisalabad

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