Aqualand Water Park Faisalabad

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Aqualand Water Park Faisalabad

Fhisaisalabad has amazing places for entertainment. When summer comes every one needs to be fresh and enjoy a swimming pool party. Papulation point of view Faisalabad is a large city that’s why different companies or individuals establish different Swimming pools and facilitates the visitors in a comfortable environment.

Today we are talking about the most famous swimming pool Aqualand Water Park in Faisalabad. This swimming pool is the best place for enjoyment in Faisalabad. Aqualand established near Kashmir pull on west canal road. The administration of the pool tries best to provide a good environment.

Aqualand Water Park Faisalabad is the only water park that has a seventy-meter high water slide is available. The swimming pool covers 2500 square meters. During the time of the swimming period, good and full proof security is provided by the administration. Swimming guiders guide visitors on how to swim if anyone wants to get instructions from them. Well maintained canteen established in the Water park area. All items related to picnic either they relate with food or wearing items like swimming googles 

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or clothes are available here. We can enjoy the water park with all facilities. This park is not for the family place we can enjoy here only with male members of family or friends.

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The main problem of all visitors in water parks is to store their luggage. But some times we find no proper place. But in Aqualand Water Park Faisalabad we can see different daraz are available which are available for keeping our mobiles or other accessories after paying a small amount.

Suggestions For Aqualand Water Park Faisalabad

I recommend you to visit the Aqualand Water Park Faisalabad in summer. According to the location, the water park is inside the city near the circle club. The entrance fee of the water park is 300 Pakistani rupees so I think its affordable price for everyone either they are a rich or middle-class family member.

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