Afzal Electronics In Faisalabad

Afzal Electronics In Faisalabad

Afzal Electronics In Faisalabad

Electronic products are necessary for every home. For completing this requirement, different markets available in the City. Afzal Electronics In Faisalabad covers a considerable community. As a citizen of Pakistan, we see this name in different places because Afzal Electronics spread its branches all over the City.

Afzal Electronics is the top leading companies of electronic products in Pakistan. All famous brands of Pakistan and other branded companies try to sell their product through the Afzal Electronics platform. According to our research, Afzal Electronics tries to provide the best services and products to their customers to create a positive image in society.

As we know, Faisalabad is the third-largest city in Pakistan; it means that there is a massive competition between business tycoons. Chase up and Misakul-ul- mall are one of the toughest competitors of Afzal Electronics in Faisalabad. These supermarts provide different electronic brands, so its to difficult to deliver a positive message to attract people.

branch of afzal electronics - Afzal Electronics In Faisalabad

Brands Available At Afzal Electronics

Mostly people like to purchase any electronic product of famous brands due to a good reputation. Afzal electronics tries to provide all brands to the community for customer satisfaction. Here we provide you with all brands in Afzal Electronics.

  • Carry
  • Eco star
  • Dawlace
  • Hairer
  • PEL
  • GREE

The above-given brands showcase their different products, and various types of discounts are provided for giving a plus point to every customer.

Electronic products in Afzal Electronics In Faisalabad

Electronic products included different items like AC, LED, Mobiles, and Refrigerator. We provide you with all the electronic products detail here so you can easily find your product with a brand.




  • Dawlance
  • Haie
  • PEL

Split AC

  • Dawlance
  • Haier
  • PEL
  • GREE
  • Orient


  • Samsung
  • Huawei
  • iPhone
  • Vivo


  • Sony
  • Ecostar
  • Samsung
  • Orient
  • Carry Hier TCL
AC at Afzal Electronics - Afzal Electronics In Faisalabad

Instalment Planes Of Afzal Electronics In Faisalabad

Providing different products on instalment is the main feature of Afzal Electronics In Faisalabad. We know to get the electronic product on instalment offers great relaxation to the middle-class community. By targeting this, many dealers offer this type of service. Afzal Electronics provides all kinds of products on the episode, and the main difference from other dealers is that you can get any type of product without advance payment. It means we can get we require product bases on future instalments.

On the Official website of Afzal electronics In Faisalabad, we can check the instalment detail of any product and then contact the nearest branch. In recent years they include bikes for sale on instalment, so most people prefer this on others.

The procedure of the Installment Plan


  1. An instalment plan is divided on 6 to 12 months time period.
  2. Customers should pay a full check of post-payment to the company.
  3. The customer must sign stamp paper.
  4. For verification, the company team visits the customer address.
  5. If we buy a handset, then it is delivered within 48 hours.

Branches Of Afzal Electronics In Faisalabad


All big brands try to cover the maximum area of a targeted city for that purpose Afzal Electronics targeted more populated areas of Faisalabad. If we are a citizen of Faisalabad, then we see this branded shop on different main roads of the City. Here we provide you with all available branches in Faisalabad address so you can easily find them on map.

  • Satayana Rd
  • D Type Colony
  • Allied More
  • Gumti Fountain
  • Model Colony Clock Tower
  • Gulistan Colony 1
  • Milat chowk
  • Marzi Pura Malikpur
  • Jhang Road

If we talk about Afzal electronics in Pakistan then you suprized to know that they covered 15 main cities of Pakistan.

Owner of Afzal Electronics


Afzal Group of industries are the top leading company which provides home appliances. Many companies try to achieve success in a short time, but Afzal electronics is one of these companies which got success in a short time. After vary had work, endless efforts and an energetic team make their idea to a successful position. Neam Afzal is the CEO of Afzal electronics.

Afzal Electronics a member of the Karachi Chamber of Commerce (KCCI) and Karachi Electronics Dealers Association (KEDA). Headquarters of Afzal Electronics are established in johar town Faisalabad. Twenty-four thousand employees are working in all over Pakistan.

Contact Detail Of Afzal Electronics In Faisalabad


Cell No: +92 42 111 615 324

Facebook page:


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