8 Bazaars Around Clock Tower Faisalabad


8 Bazaars Around Clock Tower Faisalabad

The British people left an amazing artwork and magnificent architect designs in the buildings of Pakistan. Faisalabad, which is the third-largest city of Pakistan, owns the presence of the clock tower which is standing alone around the 8 bazaars around clock tower Faisalabad. This clock tower has the Urdu version also as “Ghanta Ghar”. The ex-name of Faisalabad was Lyallpur, and this city came into existence in the last decade of the 19th century. Presently, Faisalabad is home to flourishing material industry and the fabrics arranged here are sent out the world over.

What is so interesting about these Eight Bazaars?

These 8 Bazaars Around Clock Tower Faisalabad of Ghanta Ghar has the variety of things beyond your imagination. It is larger than life. These eight bazaars have unique product types for sale at wholesale and retail price. You can get anything you want, from the low price to the high price and from the low quality to the high quality. These eight bazaars are a great source of income for the people who like to do the retail businesses in small cities around Faisalabad such as Jhang, Toba, Jaranwala, Chiniot and Samundari. The sole proprietors buy and sell the products to the people of their own city who are not able to travel Faisalabad.

You cannot travel the all eight bazaars in one day. You need a single day to visit all the shops of one bazaar only. Each bazaar sells a very different item to as compare to the other bazaars of around the Ghanta Ghar. You may be continuously reading about the Eight Bazaars around clock tower Faisalabad and may be wonder with the questions resolving in your mind that what are these bazaars are and what their names are.

  1. Katchery Bazaar Faisalabad
  2. Chinot Bazaar Faisalabad
  3. Aminpur Bazaar Faisalabad
  4. Bhawana Bazaar Faisalabad
  1. Jhang Bazaar Faisalabad
  2. Montgomery Bazaar Faisalabad
  3. Karkhana Bazaar Faisalabad
  4. Rail Bazaar Faisalabad
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Detail Of 8 Bazaars Around Clock Tower Faisalabad

1. Katchery Bazaar Faisalabad

This bazaar is dedicated to the mobile phones of all types and brands that have different prices as well. You can buy and sell any smartphone in this bazaar. Other than this you can not only buy and mobiles phones, but also you can buy mobile phones accessories such as phone covers, headphones, earphones, wireless hands-free, data cable, and much more in a huge range. In hatchery bazaar Faisalabad there is a wholesale market named “Siddique Plaza” which is located at the backside of this Bazar.

 You can also see the “Sports Market” in this bazaar that has every kind of sportswear and sports equipment of all sporting games. If you go near the Clock Tower, you will see a very famous restaurant named “Jahangir Murgh Pulao”, and it has a very delicious taste. You will also find “Sunehri Market” where you can buy home appliances at very cheap rates. Other than this, there are shops of wall clocks, wristwatches and eyewear glasses for men and women of unique and fashionable designs.

Katchery Bazaar Faisalabad - 8 Bazaars Around Clock Tower Faisalabad

2. Chinot Bazaar Faisalabad

In 8 Bazaars Around Clock Tower Faisalabad This bazaar is solely for the sale of medicine only. From Chiniot Bazaar Faisalabad, you can buy a huge of homeopathic medicines, ayurvedic medicines and all other types of medicines that are recommended by the doctors. Some of the retailers purchase the medicines at wholesale rates and sell them at the medical stores that are located in different regions of Faisalabad. Apart from the medicines, there is a complete range of medical equipment available here. You can buy kids diapers, weight loss equipment and much more in this bazaar at very reasonable prices that everyone can easily purchase it.

Chinot Bazaar Faisalabad - 8 Bazaars Around Clock Tower Faisalabad

3. Aminpur Bazaar Faisalabad

If you are a book lover and want to read the fantasy, real, and religious stories, then Aminpur Bazaar Faisalabad is the place for you to fulfil this wish. There are shops in stationery shops where you can buy every type of random and artistic stationary. You can also buy decorative items that are used to decorate the houses for birthday parties and wedding ceremonies of all types.

There are so many card printing companies in this bazaar that are very reputable and recognizable in the whole city. You can also buy second hand and used books. There is a huge variety of Islamic books of a great Islamic scholar. You can also buy Qur’an, Qur’an with tajweed and Qur’an with Urdu translation.  All famous books of hades are also available here.

Aminpur bazar faisalabad - 8 Bazaars Around Clock Tower Faisalabad

4. Bhawana Bazaar Faisalabad

If you are willing to buy cooking equipment like energy savers, cooking ranges, cooking ovens, microwave ovens, electric ovens then you can visit Bhawana Bazaar Faisalabad. Other than this, you can also buy all other electronics like LED bulbs, air conditioners, air coolers, gas and electric heaters, wall, ceiling and pedestal fans etc. Apart from these electronics, you can also buy a very good variety of crockery, ladies, gents and kids shoes from this bazaar. For entertainment, you can purchase LED TV and musical sound system of all types from here at very affordable rates.

5. Jhang Bazaar Faisalabad

For the people who are fond of eating pure desi foods then they need to visit Jhang Bazaar Faisalabad. This entire bazaar is loaded with the shops of different seasonal and non-seasonal fruits and vegetables of fresh and fine quality. The famous restaurant “Butt Karahi Centre” is located in this bazaar of 8 Bazaars Around Clock Tower Faisalabad were people come from faraway places to eat and enjoy it with family and friends. And this is not enough; you can also buy healthy fishes of all types. Mutton, beef and chicken are also available here in fresh form.

Jhang Bazaar Faisalabad - 8 Bazaars Around Clock Tower Faisalabad

6. Montgomery Bazaar Faisalabad

7. Karkhana Bazaar

If you are a fashion follower and a beauty conscious, then Montgomery Bazaar Faisalabad is the best market that sells wholesale beauty products for men and women. You can buy a wide assortment of men rooming kit from this market. And talking about the women, then obviously they have every type of cosmetic for face, hair and body. You can also buy sweets and candies for general stores in bulk at factory rates there.

This bazaar has all types of laundry products such as soap for clothes, detergent for washing clothes of all types. In Karkhana Bazaar Faisalabad there is a mixture of different items likes shoes, dresses for men also available here in a huge variety for casual and wedding purposes according to the latest trends and fashion. Many beauty salons visit here in this market to buy products and apply them to their customers in the barbershops and in the big beauty salons.

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Karkhana Bazaar Faisalabad 1024x490 - 8 Bazaars Around Clock Tower Faisalabad

8. Rail Bazaar Bazaar Faisalabad

The Rail Bazaar Faisalabad has the machinery and spare parts of the motors that are used in factories and homes. On the other side, you can also buy different bathroom accessories and plumbing tools in this market. At the backside of this Bazar there are some wholesale shops also where you can buy the goods of sanitary equipment of all kinds with different prices depending on the quality and size. It is a good market for different hardware pieces.

Rail Bazar Faisalabad - 8 Bazaars Around Clock Tower Faisalabad

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